Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fun and Cheap Dating Tips

by Cole Carson
Let's face it: Dates can get expensive, especially for men. When we plan on taking that special someone out, it's not uncommon that we have to put back a bit of money just to make sure we can afford it. But what about someone who is currently in a financial bind, and just can't afford to go to all the expensive eateries and hotspots? Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderfully imaginative dating ideas that you can do that won't starve your wallet. These ideas are cheap, fun, and imaginative. - And there's nothing your date will love more than the fun and spontaneity of a unique and thrifty date!

For starters, there's one twist on an old classic that requires only a nice day to go outside, some food, paper, and a pen or pencil. People have gone on romantic picnics for as long as anyone can remember, but unless you happen to live near some truly beautiful scenery, once the food is done, there isn't really room left for much more. This isn't necessary, as you can fill that time with smiles and laughs, and walk away some truly memorable art. To do this, simply take your paper and pencil with you, and once you've finished eating, take turns drawing each other. You can begin by unleashing all of your artistic talent, and then later relax a bit for a more comedic variation of reality by editing the surrounding scenery and adding word-balloons to your priceless art. These may never wind up in a museum, but if you keep them in a safe place, finding them later will bring back a rush of fond memories.

Every town has its more historic areas. - Places with old, beautiful homes, ancient churches, battlefields, and even a good haunt or two! Delving into the history of your local buildings can be fascinating, and it may surprise you to learn that a lot of little treasures like these hold tours! There's nothing more romantic than strolling through an old, southern plantation home or a brilliant garden, and surprisingly, a lot of these tours are small, local and cheap! - I don't often see one over $5-8 a person. Search around online or in your local paper and plan a date. You can even bring along a camera and get some shots of you and your honey in these fascinating places!
Movies are wonderful for a low-key romantic evening, but Mad Lib Movie Night is an exciting twist on this long-time favorite. All you'll need is the perfect movie, which is usually going to be a cheesy romance movie, B-grade science fiction flick, or best, a previously recorded soap opera. Pop it in the player, and have each person their own notepad and paper. Here's how it works: each person has assigned to them one of the most major characters in the film. Place the movie on mute, and play through the first five minutes of the movie, noting when each character has lines. Each person has to write down their own improvised lines for what their assigned character could be saying, and when you get to the end of the first five minutes, rewind back to the start, play it again on mute. - But this time have each person read aloud their substituted lines. Use your wit, and come up with funny parodies, but make sure that they have some bearing on the scenario appearing in the film so that each person's lines mesh on some level with the other. This is a great way to get in-sync with your partner, as you'll soon learn their own personal brand of humor, and learn to anticipate what lines they'll write.

Normally thrift stores aren't rated very high as attractive destinations for a romantic date, but don't let that fool you: thrift stores are loaded with small, strange treasures just waiting to be discovered, and you and your date can have a very special time. Find a local thrift store, and when you get there, split up from your partner. Now, alone, each of you should scour the store for some little cheap treasure that is perfect for the other. It can be funny, remind them of something memorable, or something you think would be really special to them. When you've found it, make your way to the checkout and by it for them. When both of you are done, head back out to the car, and swap your gifts!

Lastly, you and your partner can spend a romantic evening together making delicious food to eat. The food can be anything from a hot meal to sweet deserts, but should be relatively simple, and the ingredients shouldn't cost much. Find a good recipe for something you both like, and then make it together. If you feel adventurous, or if you have any cooking skill, try to experiment with a few things and see how they turn out. When you finish, you'll hopefully have something that the two of you can share together, a product of your combined labor. If the end result isn't very edible, make the most of it; decorate it, or anything that's fun! The important thing here is that you enjoy the time you spend together.

A date that is truly romantic and noteworthy does not have to be spent at a five-star restaurant or an expensive theatre. - No, oftentimes, the most happy and wonderful of memories come from the goofy little moments you two spend together that are just plain fun! Making sure you're spending quality time together having fun and getting to know each other is far more important than how much money you spend. So think up some fun and unique ideas and go out there and have fun together!

About the Author
Cole Carson is a successful entrepreneur and internet marketer. Dr. Earl Mindell spent eight years perfecting Himalayan Goji Juice. - All of that love and dedication is part of why Goji Health Juice is so incredible!

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