Sunday, December 23, 2007

Self Esteem for Women - Don't Settle for Mr 'Not Bad'

by Katrina Wilton
For any woman who's ever been out there, navigating her way through the dating game (yep - that's most of us!), it can be challenging to decipher what's really 'right' and what's not.

For a start, in the first months of any relationship, you're both so caught up in the 'honeymoon' period that you are often simply blind to any flaws the relationship, or the person you're dating, may have. Generally, over time, as the romantic haze settles into something more real, both partners will probably start to notice the more negative side of the mate they previously thought was so perfect. In a healthy relationship, these human flaws are recognized and accepted for what they are, or if they are unacceptable to either party, they may choose to part ways.

Unfortunately I've seen too many women who reach a point where they are so keen to settle into the domestic bliss of a relationship, that they start lowering their standards and finding ways to justify these sub-standards to themselves. "I was being too picky anyway", "I'm not perfect either" or "I have to be more open to people's faults". Whilst these statements may also be true, if they are used as a means to settle for less, or justify decisions you know deep down aren't right, then they are only causing harm, not good.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to justify ANY decision you really want to make? For instance, you know you shouldn't buy that gorgeous dress that costs about a month's rent, yet you've fallen so much in love and you simply "have to have it". You start telling yourself that you really don't have any other good red glittery dresses, and that it really is an essential part of your wardrobe (I mean, what wardrobe is complete without one?!!). You tell yourself that you've had a really bad week, so you deserve this dress... You're a good person, why shouldn't you treat yourself?! Before you know it your credit card is being swiped through a machine and that dress is in a bag, walking out the door.

We've all come home with an impulsive item or two in our time, but a dress is one thing... doing the same with a relationship could cost you years of your life that could otherwise have been spent blissfully happy, with someone who still makes you weak at the knees, year after year.

As tempting as it can be sometimes to convince yourself that the guy you're dating with the lousy attitude, bad temper and belching problem can be your Mr Right, don't settle... be happy with you first, on your own and the real Mr Right won't help but be drawn to your strong sense of self worth and independence.

About the Author
Katrina Wilton is Director and Co-Founder of Australian Company Glow Health & Wellness Pty Ltd. Created with her life coach sister Sabrina Holmes, Glow is a company dedicated to empowering women to love who they are and live the life of their dreams. Self Esteem for Women

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