Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tips on Writing Personal Ads and Emails for On Line Dating

by Alan Lim
A lot of people use on line dating services to find their ideal dates and search for potential partners. When you register online, the first thing you need to do is write a dating profile or a personal ad.

What should you keep in mind?

An on line dating profile is the first thing a person reads about you before deciding to make friends with you or add you to their friend's list. If your profile is not appealing, your chances of getting responses would be very minimal. While you must be honest about the profile facts, you should also make it attractive. So it is always well worth it to invest a little more thought and time into creating an engaging profile.

Create a unique and distinctive user id
Your nickname is the first thing a prospect will see about you, on the on line dating site. So, when registering on the dating website, it is important to create a memorable and unique user name. While making sure that the id is unique and appealing, you must also ensure that it reflects a part of your personality since it gives a good hint about what type of personality you have.

To get unique ideas for on line dating ids, think about your personality or interests. For example, if you like rock and roll, you might consider "KingofRock". Using humor is always a good idea and makes your name easy to remember. For instance if you like rock climbing, you might consider "MountainGoat". Use similar ideas to get a unique user name. However, ensure that you do not sound desperate and avoid keeping names like "INeedAHusband" or "LonelyinLA" as those are a turnoff.

Write an attractive headline
When writing a personal ad for on line dating opportunities, remember that the headline is the first thing a person will see. So make sure that it is compelling and makes users want to read the rest of the ad. Find a unique way to introduce yourself. Don't write common introductions like "I am Sarah, 28 years old and I live in New York". That is too tardy. Write something interesting or even intriguing without being a put off. For instance, you can write "I have kissed too many frogs to expect them to be princes". Be confident and don't apologize for resorting to personal ads to find dates, like so many do. Don't start by writing "I usually don't do this" etc.
It is not easy to come up with inventive lines for on line dating ads. So if you are not getting anywhere, pick lines from your favorite song or movie. That would give someone a good insight into you. But try to stand out from the rest. That is the best way to attract attention.

Post a good, clear picture on your on line dating profile
It is said that over 75% of people browsing through on line dating profiles look for pictures of prospective dates. If the profile does not have a picture, or has an unclear photograph, people usually pass it over for a profile with a more attractive picture before they begin to read it. It is not surprising then, that profiles without pictures do not receive many responses. However, when you do post a photograph, make sure it is a decent photo and not a body part or a skimpy picture. A clear front shot with a smile works best. Also ensure that you are not with somebody else in the picture as people will tend to avoid you not knowing who you are with.

Ensure the language is spell-checked for errors
What you write on your profile should be error free. This effort will be valued by anyone who values intellect as a key consideration for choosing an on line dating partner.

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