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Romantic Gift Ideas

by Romancy Pants

This article will be all about Romantic Gift ideas. Now, first things first. The Rules of Gift Giving.

Gift Rule # 1 - Take it easy, for sheezy

This means you. I shouldnt have to say this, but don't be giving her any sort of jewelry or anything else fancy. Most guys wouldn't anyways, but if it crossed your mind... You really shouldnt be giving gifts until, oh, about the third to fifth date. And even then, you want to start off slow, with something small and nothing too romantic. Of course, flowers are always a good idea on the first date, and can actually impress.

Believe it or not, a lot of girls have never gotten flowers before, typically from being overlooked by their previous dates or just going out with the wrong guys. Back when I was dating, it blew my mind how many girls I would bring flowers for and the response was "Wow, I never gotten flowers before".

And I know what some of you are thinking, "Romancy Pants, they were just patronizing you, or you were their first date or boyfriend." But, on the second or third date, after I had gotten to know them, I found out that their previous boyfriends just didn't treat them right. So, giving her flowers on your first date is an excellent idea, but again, I don't really consider flowers a gift idea per say.

Gift Rule # 2 - The golden rule

When getting a gift for a loved one, do not consider a gift you both can share a "romantic" gift idea. This is mainly for men, because that's just the way we think. I think a big flat screen tv is absolutely beautiful and romantic. And even though my wife would love it too, it still would not fall into the romantic category for her. And I shouldn't even have to say this one, but I'm gonna.

Get her something she is interested in, not something your interested in. That reminds me of that one Simpsons episode where Homer gets Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, with his name on it!!! Now I really doubt anyone in the real world has been that stupid, but it would not surprise me. So, the best way to get the perfect gift is to figure out what it is that your lovey dovey really likes.

For example, if she likes a particular animal, like dolphins, or cutesy bugs, like ladybugs, look online and you can find all sorts of cool jewelry with all different types of animals and other objects. And just remember, women like to see you put in some effort, almost more then the gift you give them. And the more happy she is, the more happy you will be, if you catch my drift :)

Now that we have a couple of rules down, Lets get to the actual gift ideas. Now remember, don't just copy off of what we have here. You're gonna wanna tailor fit the idea to your women, or man. I think we will list gift ideas for women first. So guys, pay attention!

Romantic Gift Ideas For Women

A "Show me the Love" coupon book. Put all sorts of sappy, romantic ideas in here. You could put in a coupon for a back rub, foot rub, breakfast in bed, a day of get the idea. Just be creative, and remember, think of what she likes.

Let's go ahead and throw in the stereotypical gift ideas right now and get them out of the way. You got flowers, chocolates, candles, perfume... Now even though these are pretty standard ideas, they can still be given to her creatively. Remember, women love to see creativity and that you actually made some effort.

Example, spell out "I love you" in chocolates on the bed, or hide flowers somewhere you know she will find them. I have also come to find that women love surprises. Poems. Yeah, I went there. Now, typically, a poem is not a gift all by itself. For example, you would write her a poem and give her a bracelet on Valentines day. Or you would write her a poem and give her some flowers on her birthday.

You can even just randomly write her something just to show her how much you care, or if you're in the doghouse. But for the love of everything that is holy, DO NOT over do it. If your one of those sappy romantic types, ok, but no matter how much she says she likes it, you can over do it. Not all that glitters is gold, it's white gold! Women love jewelry.

Always have, always will. Your only job is to find out which specific type of gem and or metal she prefers. For instance, my wife doesn't like the traditional yellow gold. So she gets either white gold or platinum, depending on how much money is in the bank at the time of course :).

Once you find out what she likes, its pretty easy shopping for jewelry. This is a fail safe gift idea because every women loves jewelry. And if your women really really doesn't, consider yourself lucky because jewelry is probably the most expensive gifts we men have to get.

I think that will do it for today. Remember, this is a fairly new and young blog and we will be constantly adding different dating ideas and gift ideas, amongst other things. I thank you for visit our romantic dating idea site and hope your visit has been joyful as well as insightful.

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