Saturday, August 15, 2009

Americans to change consumption behavior: Dating site fire sale of soaring romantic novels

U.S. unemployment rate in June reached 26-year high. Although economists and government officials continued to boost the morale of the people, saying the economy is turning the corner, however, lavish habits, consumption of U.S. consumers to borrow money to start finally tied bags to change consumer attitudes.

According to "Washington Watch" report, a weak economy, go to the cinema. The current cycle of recession in the United States once again to verify that the iron rule. Although the U.S. consumer spending is equivalent to an annual rate in the first quarter grew by only 1.4%, but the National Association of cinema owners said the same quarter, the Americans spent watching movies the same period last year increased by 9%.

In 1965, a recession since 7 years, 5 years of box office sales did not fall but rise. However, the United States although the movies were more to the restaurant to eat less of the people. Boots global business consulting firm (Booz & Co.) The most recent of more than 1,000 consumers nationwide survey indicate that in the past six months, 43% of the people to a reduction of the number of restaurant meals, 39% of the respondents said Even if eating out, choose the grade will be lower than usual restaurants. Bring their own lunch to work a year earlier, the proportion of respondents increased by nearly 10%.

More Americans are at home not only to cook their own, or even have to cook the food self-sufficiency. National Gardening Association (National Gardening Association) said that in 2009, planted in their yard the number of fruits and vegetables Americans 4 1000 3 million, representing an increase of 19% last year.

In addition to cooking vegetables, Americans are not more enthusiastic about the hobby is spending money online dating friends. The largest U.S. Personals site that business in 2008 is the best in recent years, one year. The fourth quarter of 2008, the Dow in November a week after the crash, record number of subscribers to a new high of 7 years., said the Nasdaq stock index plummeted in 2001, its turnover rose once.

During the recession of love and prosperity not only on the Internet, the nation's largest publisher of romantic novels, said Harlequin, 2008, in the financial industry and the manufacturing enterprises collapse time, the company's sales in the U.S. market has increased over the previous year 32%. And turnover in 2009 is still expected to rise further. Harlequin, said the company's published work "uplifting" of the theme and reasonable pricing is the main reason for the success of its sales.

Perhaps the more harsh life, the more people seek to escape the soul, and the more romantic the better. Romance in the economy especially popular during the downlink, this is a time-tested experience of the phenomenon. It was during the Great Depression of the United States readers, strong support from Margaret Mitchell "Gone with the Wind" sales. They are seeking to escape from real life, unemployment, mortgage loans, as well as the shrinking retirement accounts.

In unemployment, mortgage loans, as well as shrinking under the pressure of retirement account, many Americans simply do not bother to even washing clothes. U.S. Dry Cleaning and Laundry Industry Association CEO Bill Fisher (Bill Fisher) said that in 2008, throughout the United States dry-cleaning and laundry industry turnover decreased by 35%.

He said: "On average, working men and women will wear their clothes four times each to get a dry cleaning shop. Now, they can hang on a clothes closet, saying that, I think it is to wear a back to wash. such a simple decision for us, that means 20 percent decline in business. "

Become a victim of the recession is not just Americans, clothes closet, as well as Americans sleep. Washington-based National Sleep Foundation (National Sleep Foundation) recently conducted a nationwide survey of sleep quality. The Foundation found that among Americans complain of insomnia, one-third said they worried about personal finance as a result find it difficult to fall asleep; one-tenth said they could not sleep because of fear of the second day of work was fired.

However, if you are a boss of the United States, second-hand car, then sit back and relax should not be a problem. USA Today recently reported that in October last year, the U.S. used-car sales continued to climb, and new car sales in sharp contrast. The most obvious contrast is that in February this year, the month used-car sales increased by 3.1% year-on-year, while new car sales would fall by 41.4% year-on-year.