Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love: the view of Christianity.

Christian love is considered the highest of all things is the nature of God is the Lord God is love. His love no end.

Love would be patient long. And do you have. Love does not envy not exaggerate.
Not arrogant not obscene comments not only to the parties themselves do not cross.
Not full recognition error. Not satisfied in the misconduct.
But rejoice in their behave.

Love has everything to bear. Although the sins of others. And believes in him is always good. And there is always hope.
And tolerate everything. Love never ends.

Love is like Jesus is to us. The death on the cross down. The measure is not. And do not want any reward. Jesus is Lord, that He desires to do everything to get us a good return.

In addition, love is the greatest.

Love is not any greater than this. Is that the one who will take their life to their peers''.


So why are located 3 sincerely hope that our beliefs and passions. But the greatest love.

In addition, the Bible is also a reminder that everything is nice. But without love will have no value is No.

Although I will speak a language of sorts, or messenger to mankind. But no love. I like a gong or cymbal that is Buzz. Although I have to reveal His Word. To know everything and have deep knowledge of total. There are beliefs that are more mountains to move. But no love. I would not have cost anything. Although I will donate all my goods or allow to remove the. Burn Fire (ancient copy some of that. I will take the show to be), but no love. Would not be useful to me ...

Love never lose lose. Although his speech reveals it to decay. Although the language of sorts would quit talk. Although knowledge will decay to ...

He also reiterated that he still own. His disciples are those who need love. If no love. His disciples are not.

We provide you with the new formulation. Is to love each other. We love you already do. You will be faithful with each other like that. If you love each other. As such everyone will know that you are our disciples.

His love of Christmas Book Fair. But is not pleased with the memorial together with love. Desire to head back to the person lose oneself in a new sin.

We love who we are warned that the teaching and publication. So why is enthusiasm. And new leaf loss.

Thus, we stand rap at the door. If anyone hear us and open doors. We will go and find people that will dine with him. He will dine with us.