Monday, November 8, 2010

Signs of falling in love

So you met a new person that made you fall in love: you're fired, lost, just gone. You do not have time to say "hello" that you're already stripping eyes. The pink of your cheeks is so intense that you can see from space. It must be love! Or not? If you recognize a number of these signals, there is some probability that it is just that, and you're off on a long-distance travel.

1. Make a clean sweep of souvenirs of your old relationship

For years you have jealously guarded concert tickets and expenses with your ex. Then you fall in love and suddenly all these souvenirs are transformed precisely what creates confusion and clutter into the house. So if nothing else, falling in love makes you ordered.

2. Your ex has announced her engagement, and you do not make a turn

In addition, you can not understand what you could never see that person. The idea of sleeping together ... yuck!

3. You are no longer embarrassed to that old crush

Tremble like a frightened puppy when the employee / payroll to your office entered the room. Lately, you do not even notice it. When you're in love, the partner becomes infinitely more attractive than any other person on the planet. Yes, even Scarlett Johansson.

4. You are more daring in the bedroom

When you try pull a fast ratio usually fix things. But when you're in love, you want to explore what they really like them both, also what you have previously been too shy to try.

5. Do not be discouraged by the physical imperfections

The attraction is far more fragile love. Here's an example. If the person that attracts you arrive with a big green lump that sprouts from the nose, your attraction will vanish instantly. But if you're falling in love, do not be discouraged. You will experience a sense of security. You rub your nose in the hope that the other person do the same ... and hey presto, problem solved. Love is not great?

6. Tell him your plans, large and small

Whether it's talk of your dreams to travel the world or to request a hand in writing the shopping list, include in your projects a loved one, because it's part of your life.

7. You wonder where "want" to go on holiday

Even if it means compromising your idea of the perfect holiday or go out to meet with boiled green sauce of his mother.

8. You're excited because you were both invited to a wedding in the family

In part because you're happy with what family and friends look at you two as a whole. And partly because they want your support is by your side at 10 pm when boredom will invade the church hall.

9. Do you like to show you around with him / her

When you fall in love with someone, you want to include this person in your life and to exhibit to your friends. However ...

10. Are you happy when you are together without doing anything

After all this is not to be a couple in the eyes of the world, but simply to be two people are together. A simple walk in two do you think the perfect afternoon.

11. Participates in the photography course

Want to know what moves his inner world and want to demonstrate your interest.

12. Him / her call to complain about problems at work

If this is the first person you want to talk to tell you today that your boss is an idiot of the first magnitude, it is because you think it worthwhile to continue (with the person you love, not necessarily with the boss).

13. Bring your children out to lunch

If your other half has children from a previous partner, your relationship with children is a barometer of your future as a couple. And in case of falling in love, do everything possible to get along with them. Make sure that it is not cause for stress. If you and the children managed to relax when you're together, she sees a victory in the long term horizon.

14. You're not afraid to discuss

The couples are not always in agreement. If it's just attraction, it is not so important to defend its case, not worth it. But when you're in love, you want to make themselves understood. Far hear his case indicates that you are confident enough to bring into question what the beloved does or says.

However ...

15. You're bad when you discuss

A discussion with anyone else you do not even touch the half. And here's why ...

16. His happiness you care most about your

Try displeasure when your other half is not happy, then threads are a double blow in terms of emotion. Looking at it positively, this demonstrates that you really love / a. Do not think just for you, but you'd like your partner is good.

17. Her / him you see where you grew up / a

It might seem a bizarre choice for a weekend, but love means wanting to show where you come from. "That's my old school, hand them newspapers, where I threw the home-brewed beer from my father ..."

18. You do not mind saving even if you normally spend all

Our habits are deeply rooted in money, but love motivates us to make an exception. For example, if the entire adult life you never wanted to save anything that would be more expensive than a haircut, love could make you suddenly want to set aside a sum for the security of an apartment.

Similarly ...

19. You do not mind spending even if you've always been frugal

If suddenly we are willing to spend a lot for a luxury holiday together, this shows how the other person is important to us. But it's not change who you really are. If you normally have to be more comfortable saving, love will not change this trait. It just means that it is less rigid about it. Which brings us also to go shopping ... with joy.

20. It is not a risk but an opportunity to be himself ..

Of all the signs of falling in love, this is the highlight. When you are infatuated or attracted to someone, you change your behavior to fit what you think the other wants. You can dress as you like him or her or conceal the fact that you do not have much in common with his friends. But when you love someone, you want to know and love its half the person really is. It's a risk, of course. Certain incompatibilities may arise. But you know you can not be happy if you pretend long.

This is not an excuse for being stubborn and tactless. "Be yourself" does not adhere rigidly to their habits, or tell the person who loved his collection of CD sucks. A little 'miracles of flexibility.