Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 Love Spells

Here are 10 effective love spells that will improve your romantic relationships:

1-For your love is not fixed in another / a Do you want to only have eyes for you?.

Then try this "spell" that seem to guarantee loyalty and unrequited love for a looooong time.


1. Cut a piece of cloth from your partner's favorite color.

2. Threading a needle and white thread embroidery with your first initial and his

3. Join them with a point (also embroidered)

4. Put the piece of cloth about a gift you have made your partner and leave it there for three days.

5. Remove and throw it away immediately put in a plastic bag wrapped in paper, Albal or cooking.

6. Enjoy your family for ever !!!!!!!!

2 - For those who are still looking.

We know it is not easy. Finding the better half is not something that happens every day. So for those who already are "desperate" for a couple, we recommend this spell.


1. For three nights, at bedtime, displays a light pink wrap his body until he falls asleep.

2. Later in the morning, take a shower and check on your body from the shoulders down without splashing the head or face, an infusion made with water, apple peel and a tablespoon of honey.

3. The fourth night at bedtime, the room lights an incense stick, and displays fully wrapped and heat halo of white light.

4. Repeated earnestly, "Lord, I know that I love, and that someone is willing to surrender to my heart. I want to arrive as soon as possible.

5. Imagine that this person enters your room, you talk, caress you and is also found in a halo of intense light.

6. Shows that are bouncing gently as you move away.

7. End this rite by saying: "Love came because they want"

8. Repeat this visualization 4 times, up to a total of seven nights of ritual.

9. After Love @ terra enter and search for your family !!!!!!!!

3 - Another formula for finding a partner.

If the previous spell did not produce the expected results, you can try this secret formula that takes time, but that seems to give results ...


1-The New Moon night preparing an infusion. Boil nine petals of white roses in a ¼ liter of mineral water or rain.

2-Cool the liquid and then take your bath at night, turns the infusion of roses on her body from the neck down, Visualise the moonlight and by the order to find romance

3-.Repite the bathroom the first three days of New Moon for three months (reaching a total of nine bathrooms) -

4 - Another spell of the moon

This love spell to that person that you like (it's exclusive to women)


1. Líimate nails a full moon Tuesday polvito keeps in a box.

2. Rub your body with the box every night while repeating "In you all my love tank."

3. After a month (this requires skill and discretion on your part) you must take the drink polvito the guy you like.

4. If you do not realize what you did, you'll be super attracted to you!

5-To find love

This spell requires many elements and discipline, but say it's worth experiencing.


1. Get the following ingredients: 3 yellow roses, 5 grains of corn, a spoonful of honey 5 cloves, cinnamon sticks 5. Essences of love, attraction, follow me the steps, llamadera and triumph.

2. Boil in a pan of water for half an hour the three roses, corn, cloves and cinnamon.

3. Cool and mix with essences and honey.

4. After the bath, rinse your body with this "potion" for 5 days, lighting a candle, yellow, and thanking Oshun (Holy Love) for the protection of love

6 - To see if you have interest in another person.

Have you met a person but do you think are interested in another / a?. Do not lose hope and do something crazy. Try this combination of elements and find out what chances you have of falling at your feet very soon with the love spell .


1. Take a red candle, a white paper and a red pen.

2. Write, with the red pen on white paper, the name of that special guy and surround with a heart.

3. Next, place the red candle and turn it on paper. Let them eat for six minutes.

4.-While you concentrate consume the candle and watch the heart with the name.

5. Once within six minutes off the candle.

6. If the paper has not dropped even a drop of wax surely the heart of that boy is busy at the moment. If you have fallen between two and six drops, your heart is busy but hesitates. And if they have fallen more than six drops, is free.

7-To attract the ideal love

You're not interested / or find a partner or friend. Want to find the ideal person you want to share many more years?.

Then begin your search now, accompanied by this formula to make your choice simpler.


1. You have a small candle pink or blue (depending on the sex you want to attract.)

2 .- You must earnestly desire to attract the right people, dismissing those who are not.

3. While Pienas the right person, making the candle and with an awl or needle (do not use knives) recorded at the base of the candle a heart.

4. Always with the thought of finding the best person, takes the bottle of oil of Venus and the fingers begin rubbing around the outside of the candle while repeating that "Venus, acércame the love I desire, through this come your essence allows him (or her) to me "Fourth, let the candle burn out naturally.

5. Then always use a few drops of oil on the body (not more than 3 drops at a time) to strengthen the spell every time you put the oil repeated the phrase: "Venus, acércame the love I desire, through this thy essence come allows him (or her) to me. "

8 - To really fall in love:

Do not you just know she likes you. You want love?. Then it's time to try this recipe ...


1. Take a photo yours recently, adhesive gaskets with sugar and let it fall over.

2. Then you take a photo of the person you want to love, the gaskets with adhesive and let him fall cinnamon on top.

3.Then, glue the photos facing each other, getting in the middle of a red rose petals.

4. After you stitch with red thread around the edge of the attached photos and save them in a pot that has red flowers.

5. Water it for 21 days in the morning and the water it gave the names of the two personas.La recipe works if you try to attract a person that is free and does not try to hurt anyone's feelings.

9 - In love with your friend ?????

If you want to be something more than friendship between you and him (or her) to follow these instructions ...


1. Get a red ribbon that has as far apart as your height.

2. Write on that tape, with a golden pen, the name of the person you care for five times.

3. Ata that tape to the head of your bed and tie every night over nine days.

4. When you make the knot should think about that person.

5. After nine days, take the tape and do a roll. I bind you by an undergarment yours or the tie around your waist by three knots to secure.

6. When broken by wear, burns and the ashes put in a plant that has red flowers. You must water it.

10 - Tired of waiting for the ring, want to take you to the altar?

If you no longer want to wait for your wedding, try this recipe ...


1. Cuartzo get two pink hearts.

2. View the two hearts represent you and your partner

3. Think they will marry soon.

4. Place the two hearts together beside the bed, on a bedside table with a glass of water and a pink lamp.