Saturday, March 26, 2011

Basic Love Spell Recipe # 3

This love spell, many other effective love spells , has been tested and proven functionality. As always, you should use professionally prepared spells, as some tend to provide faster results.

The love spells are generally r to attract a specific person to you. Can be made ​​by any person of either sex. Likewise, based on an ancient pagan ritual, and uses the elements that aim to put what is attached to the person you love.


* A photograph of the person you want on your side.

* Pencil and paper.

* A candle, preferably red, but if this is not available, a candle is a good choice.

* You must go to a specific place: A river, lake or sea.

How it works:

This spell can be started any time of day or night. The important thing is to be completed at night when the person is aware of the desire to sleep, under a moon that is bright enough to illuminate the water.


1. Start by placing the photograph in front of you. Look closely at the picture to get a clear picture of the person. Then close your eyes and hold that image in your head. Take a moment to think of ten positive attributes of the person.

2. Open your eyes and take a pencil and paper. Type the name of the person seven times in the paper. Below, list at least ten of the positive (good looks, personality type, etc ...) that you rescue the person.

3. Below that, write a paragraph and describe one thing you would do on a perfect day with this person. It need not be a novel, only a few lines saying how to invest the time with that person.

4. When finished, fold the paper and the picture together, then be sealed with a kiss.

5. Light the candle, and take precautions against a possible fire. Be careful when burning the paper and the photo, it should catch from the ashes in a suitable container. Then the candle. You can arrange sailing and reuse as you want. Gather the ashes and keep them securely in an envelope or container. You need them for the second part of the love spell.

Part Two:

This part of the spell must be completed only at night, when the subject is likely to be asleep. There must be enough moonlight to see the reflection in the water of a river, lake or sea. No matter what phase the moon is.

1. Take the container with the ashes of burnt paper and the photo on the water source.

2. At the water's edge, trying to keep the ashes in the hand. Close your eyes, and repeat the following mantra:

"[NAME OF PERSON], these ashes symbolize my love and my desire for you. As they combine with the water, mother earth take my love for you. You will feel an intense love and a desire to me , [ YOUR NAME]. "

3. Open your eyes and drop the ashes in the water. Now you just need to wait and see the results ...