Monday, March 7, 2011

Bridging the gap!

These lines ... dear reader! ... I made you in mind! Woman or man you love someone and they may not know what to express, but that time, blessed tyrant like one night we can thread those sweet things you want to say to be loved.

Love hides in a corner, waiting patiently to be found, may be the biggest or the most stormy glory hell, yet we always moves us, as a whole that goes very quiet inside.

Why be so painful?, Perhaps because it is very intense, because it goes beyond passion, the body, mind, it delivers everything without expecting anything in return, or at least happens most often .

Although it is always worthwhile to have loved and maybe losing a bit of heart in the attempt, and would always remain in the memories the feelings that surrounded us, rocked us, live, dream, a reason to fight. If this love was unclear and left a bitter taste, at least we have the experience to know better recognize those ... "Lovely rascals" that we cross paths!