Sunday, March 27, 2011

The five most important steps in your life together for couples

The Five Steps to strengthen the couple:

1 .- Respect: a relationship focus on respect for oneself, the person in the couple relationship. Respect means being careful not to overstep the limits of dignity, good communication and shared values ​​in couples.

2 .- Communication: establish channels of communication. Nonviolent Communication, also a relationship based on solution of conflicts and problems, not the problem. Need to address what the appropriate channels of communication in every sense, respect for the physical, sexual, psychological and emotional.

3 .- The Joint Project life: having a commitment to common goals and projects in relationship to unite and serve to strengthen the link into a life of two.

4 .- The intimacy care space "sacred" of couples in which the link is strengthened, and avoid, as far as may be cloudy with aggression, indifference, insults and sarcasm.

5 .- The identification of values: having a clear set of values ​​that allows us to build a healthy and lasting pair. A married life is a very important human need, and are role models for our children, so that we are responsible with her ​​life and we decided to build together. Build a common life project is one of the topics we discussed in our eBook: How to Restore Confidence in love ....... Get our newsletter

I'd love to write and to know your opinion. But you're in love and suffer, surely, require rethinking your personal life and the way you engage your relationships.