Thursday, March 24, 2011


Natural law is an incredible logic, I would say extraordinary. If you hear someone say that first is his wife and then his mother would be for some, "grating into madness." The mother of this person would ask: "So you want more a person is anything we own, and the person who gave you life, put it in second place? The question at first glance makes sense, has a sense subsidiary. But if we analyze this case we realize that this also works with abortion. The new living being that is in the womb of the woman, not his own.

It is very difficult to understand that the life of a human being from conception, belongs exclusively to God. Then in middle age there are only two options: The life devoted to God, and religious life to marry, but in marriage is God first and then the spouse.

One time when we had lunch with my wife at a restaurant in Lince, I heard behind me by accident, a group of young ladies who were talking, and it appeared that several of them were divorced or separated from her husband. I caught listen to one of them accidentally (I repeat) the following comments: "I was married and all, hoping the wedding dress, to find my prince charming, with the magnificence of the ceremony, and everything I went wrong "Is that really what you expect to marry in the marriage, the woman?

There is no denying that it is beautiful walk down the aisle and marry her boyfriend or girlfriend completely in love. The illusion of being in love is amazing, so much so that you can not explain as much as the illusion of the wedding dress and all accessories. Falling in love "I unequivocally is that we glimpse of the desired person, you want to better physically, physically attractive. And love in marriage?

I would like to confuse a little, "I do not know what love in marriage, but I live every day with my wife," The illusion of being in love is gone, the illusion of the wedding dress and step, the illusion the accessory and step, but there is something I can not explain with words, that keeps us together, that as they pass the days, months and years, is stronger.

If we realize this and are aware (both) of what is happening to us, yet without explanation, we can continue to feed this inexplicable and reach a stable relationship.

"The inexplicable" is stronger than falling in love, in some cases takes longer than expected. "Falling in love I say" This works well if we present the first two paragraphs of this writing. Falling in love is part of. Not that I'm wrong to feel this, but as illusory feeling good, it tends to disappear.

Love "inexplicable" is not a feeling, is something that you live. That's why love is not done live. Like when we eat to be growing and gaining strength, "inexplicable" also feeds and takes strength from day to day, month after month, year after year. Trying to get a theory, I would say that "this power in marriage is two, and if one fails, the other automatically goes away." The question is common and people I do is: and how is it in the eyes of God?

Canon law is clear: "No Love" inexplicable "the marriage is void" but beware, at the start of the relationship. If we finite beings, we understand this. "God will understand? Is it infinite?

If there is something important that God has given us that something is our freedom to choose and decide what to do with our lives. But God shows us the natural law (that He has created), that things make sense. It's like when we say: "Faith (which I can not explain), I hold with my right, and the reason (if any explanation), I hold with my belief that (unexplained)"

I honestly do not need anyone to explain to me the question "What is love in marriage? Because I live and I experience every day, month after month, year after year, my wife and we are happy. I sincerely hope that all somehow come to understand this and realize that things in their natural order sense, to live a quiet life and peace.