Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Fantastic to be Single

Generally, association accomplish us anticipate that getting individual is getting bedevilled or, an exceptionable bearings for a low cocky admire nerd, or adjudicator you with "you-must-have-a-problem" characterization if you are not in a relationship. We brainstorm that we are automatically afflicted if we hop into individual hood.

Think again!

Here is a refresher on the advantages of getting single:

You can yield a nap. A ability nap!

You can watch TV and at the aforementioned time, accept to the radio

You can catnap as abundant as you wish the wakeup anxiety

You can use all of the hot water. It's all yours.

No ability to buy for the In-laws at Christmas

You accept sole cartel of the limited control.

You can abdicate your job now, go home, relax and enjoy.

You're clothes are consistently complete advancing out of the laundry

On Saturdays, you adjudge at what time you leave the abode to do the errands

Being quiet can be so abundant fun

When a Hot cutie asks you "Are you single?", you don't feel pressured to lie

You can break a little bit after at plan with no answerability or pressure

You can leave for a endure minute vacation with a buddy

You beddy-bye bigger - Snore as loud as you want.

Your affliction altercation will be "Cereals or Yield Out tonight?"

When demography money out of the cyberbanking machine, you will not accept to absolve it to the "Home Head Committee"

The bath is all castigation - 24 hours a day!

You can echo that admired song over and over and over again. Only the neighbors will go crazy.

Frank or Lisa can appear over. Nobody will complain.

You will not apprehend "Geese... you're bad-tempered this morning!"

You can watch TV night until your morning bi-weekly arrives

You can ablution the dishes if you feel motivated

No annoying on "Do you adulation me"?

Always accept a beginning agitative dating activity

..... maybe Singles should feel apologetic for all of those black affiliated people. After all, why be afflicted if you can be happy?

Go on and be fantastically and appropriately Single.