Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living together in pairs

When we decided to live in pairs, you have to think about it, weigh the pros and cons, because starting living with your partner, not just make a hole in the closet, but is a life plan together.

If they start to live together without the idea of ​​a common life project is unlikely to spread to the first obstacles to another to do with that intention, with consciousness. Mine is not what is "ours", because they become a team, merge, a goal that can only be achieved with good will and love.

To ensure a good start is important to establish guidelines, standards of what we want. We must think well before they lived together, and think that it should last a lifetime. And once that decision has been taken weighed and guidelines have been established, it is a before and after in our lives. A time to live is very important to mark the dividing line between my old life and my new life. Well, not equal and that has to be clear and it is best done with a good dinner, because living with a partner can be wonderful. Well, finally say that couples living together or not, it is mutually pleasing.