Friday, March 25, 2011

Ordered love

Being Catholic in reality is not so easy to say, even by Catholics themselves, find it a bit difficult to practice their faith (myself included). When it comes to truly know everything that encapsulates this term, and delves into the Catholic Christian doctrine, there are situations and behaviors that must be respected to the millimeter, if you want to really be a "perfect Catholic" or reach be an ascetic (one who is engaged in the practice and exercise of spiritual perfection and carries a modest and sober life.)

There is a situation, even a little contradictory to some practicing Catholics who do not get to fully accept, but it is true, and is the reference to priorities in love. Life stages in humans (occurring from childhood to old age), go through different times. At all stages we learn to be: children, siblings, friends, spouses, parents and grandparents (except for error or omission).

I focus my assessment on one of these times: Spouses or partners. Some people find it difficult to accept this. While it is true that the affections are different, in this case must be ordered affections for no future problems. For the husband or wife, first is the love of God, then love your spouse, then love their children, then the love of parents, continues to siblings and other relatives. (Whenever I make such judgments, I ask you hear me, talk to a priest, to see what I mean).

Still, we can not accept that for the first spouse is to love God and then to the spouse. Also, some husbands think that is first love for the children and then the husband or wife. Some husbands think they are her mother and later his wife, this is harder to accept. At the same time it is thought that for a first wife is his mother or father and later her husband. The Law of God, which in turn, is the law of the Church and also logic is a natural law, it is wise, because it directs our affections, so that everything in life to develop normally and peacefully. If all married couples to bear in mind these principles, not open as many separations and divorces.

Some say that love should not be laws, but I must take this into account, otherwise we would be accommodating all aspects of our lives, what we should accept. It is for this reason that comes to believe in free love, where everything can be permitted, and violate natural law.

And that's not all. What I will say next, it is still harder to accept. In our Catholic Christian Church can afford only two states of life: life as God ordains married spouses, or consecrated life to God. There is no intermediate state. (Refer to verify this claim).