Friday, March 25, 2011

What is love

First love is not a feeling. I'm afraid and I feel safe when I pass. I'm happy, but I'm sad about the sadness too passes and passes. Love does not happen. Love, is, or is not.

Love in a married couple .-

Recently my wife operated the gallbladder on 24 August this year, the Santa Rosa hospital Lince district of Lima. I was always sure of the love I feel for my wife, but after living all that we live with it, I could see and experience the certainty of this.

The proceedings for this event in the hospital lasted about two months, and one of those doctor appointments in office, I began to confirm my love for my wife. In that event the doctor never showed up, and the charge nurse's office told us and others, that we approached circulation (where are the quotes) to change the date, but as we approach the place we destroyed the papers appointment. Adriana, my wife burst into tears, despaired and said he no longer wanted to continue with that. Seeing my wife in that state gave me much pain. I did not want to see her suffer, and began to confirm how much I love her.

After following the steps the scheduled date for a possible placement. (Saturday, 22 August). That day we went early in the morning, and at half past two p.m. was already in bed floor. In a hospital of this nature because of the state, visitors are noon to three o'clock. I was only half an hour with her and literally voted us all visitors.

When I got to our house was quiet early, I thought Adriana, my wife was at a family gathering, but as they began to pass the hours, and the bed, the anguish came over me, and I realized how much I wanted my wife. In a marriage like ours, which we almost never had separated after 27 years of marriage, and especially in those circumstances, for me it was very difficult and I am sure for her too. That night I slept only two hours.

At all times we were notified by our phones, sending text messages, telling us when we wanted, and we missed.

The Sunday after the visit, I knew that would operate the next day at nine in the morning, talk to the boss floor and asked if I could see my wife before she was taken to the operating room and I said that once I got the call to let me go. The next day I arrived early at seven in the morning with the certainty of being able to see my wife before being operated, and it was not, I said I could only watch it go from the emergency waiting room.

Nine and ten o'clock, I saw it. pass and I approached the emergency door to the hallway giving that to the bottom is the operating room. I saw his little hand up me goodbye and sent me a flying kiss, I could not but I sat down and began to mourn. All the love I feel for my wife was reflected at the time. And I'm sure the it to me, even if was reflected.

Two and a half ago, I pass the word that it was leaving the recovery room, took her to her bed and everything was fine.

I gave the scope on his bed, (as well as at the beginning, I could only see from afar), and then who installed it, went with her until three in the afternoon was the visit, then we threw them all visits . To me it was very hard the pain he experienced having to leave it alone "in quotes because it was with other women in living patients and the nurses about it" after an operation.

The next day in the morning I received your call on my cell phone, telling me that day and gave it high.

I thank God because we are together again, and I thank God that the hardness of the hospital has served to verify and confirm the percent love my wife. Many details escape me suddenly this whole experience, but I think the main thing is to show that only in difficult times is that we realize how much we love our spouse.

For couples who doubt the love that they can experience their partner to leave these questions. How do we behave when our spouse suffer? Do we want to see him or her always happy and content? Do we want to be overcome as people? And one more thing. "Love is not done. We live "