Monday, March 21, 2011

What is Your Favorite Type of Man?

f you have some time wondering what was the kind of man you like. The choices are possibly high and too dark, or blonde and not too high, or sports or a little intellectual. There are just too many options to choose from.

If you have some time wondering what was the kind of man you’d liked. They may be possibly high and too dark, or blonde and not too high, or sports or a little intellectual. There just was over the list of options for election (or claims).

At some point, the traditional male stereotypes emerged stronger and ever more numerous. So each day becomes more difficult to decide if you like Subway, gastro, techno or uber-sexual. The problem, I think, is that not all have very clear what it all means. So, as I was just as confused as any of you, I decided to investigate and now share the results of my investigation.

Metro-sexual. The term metro-sexual was created to define the new man of the century by British journalist Mark Simpson, in 1994, linking cities and gender. A well groomed man, described as usually living in the metropolis. No matter if it’s hetero, homo or bisexual, the important thing is to enjoy himself.

The metrosexual is the kind of man that most have heard that it was opened more, the list of nicknames. Hyper man is careful of his appearance and beauty. She shaves, takes care of his nails and skin, use creams, shampoos, conditioners, and perfumes and lives yet sophisticated clothing and accessories. Is self-centered (not really seem to register much else) has an obsession with the gym and live details yet as the combination of glasses and shoes with the portfolio with the pajamas.

Uber-sexual. Über superior means in German. Represents a return to the previous masculinity, classical, somewhat diluted by the excessive care of the metro-sexual and is considered the man of the future (ie that we would return to traditional …). Less aware of their physical and joint assembly with his clothes than his predecessor, impresses with his intellect, his sensitivity and professional success.

Techno-metro-sexual or technology. It is similar to metro-sexual but obsessed by technology and sends you an sms if you’re sitting across the table. You can not go to places with no wi-fi in any activity that is (in the bathroom, restaurant or bed with you) receives and sends messages, tweets and check facebook and not even realize what is interrupting.

Metro-emotional. It is emotional, sentimental, sometimes a little hypochondriac, is easy to mourn because they are hypersensitive and have success with women for this very reason, and because the values from another perspective. A gentle, kind and educated, independent woman agree, are familiero and are, in general terms, which is closer to the eternal ideal of women, the prince nonexistent.

Gastro-sexual. Is the man who seduced by the kitchen. Young, mostly high socioeconomic level, loves to cook and use sauces and spices as a weapon of seduction. Live pending read food magazines, cookbooks and recipes try new restaurants and follow cooking classes. Wine tasting, olive oil, tea and coffee and spares no expense when preparing their delicacies.

Now you know, you know better as they are, but just choose not easy. You might not like either at all or you want to find someone with a little of each. Which one is closer to that you would like to find?