Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your better half

One of the essentials to start seeing the other, the beloved, so far from our ideal and far from what was our initial image is our inability to accept in ourselves something of what they so vehemently criticize the other.

The "mirror image returns us lovable and real to us, our true essence. Not perfect, true. In love is where trascedemos our ego and offer the best of ourselves.

Denying or not leaving our issues arise in us is where we lose energy rejected and where we find true love.

The energy used to maintain an idealized image of ourselves, free from such defects that the other exhibits open is great.

When they begin the trials and cultivate critical indifference, then the mirror shows us the worst of us, the very thing against which we fight and what we hate ourselves and the mirror.

Stay in groups does not save us anything, many people looking for a partner as a remedy to solve their social recognition, codependency and need to dump on the other the responsibility for your happiness.

Many believe that a relationship is going to solve the troubles which they live, will alleviate their boredom and find meaning in life.

Maybe wait a couple take their holes, those they do not know how to fill or find themselves. Obviously when choosing a partner with these expectations is over disenchanted because the person fails to provide expected.

The proposal would first solve the problems within yourself , then move to fix the relationship with your partner, or move to enjoy the growth stage as a couple after having passed the first personal growth.

It's not about solving life on the other, but of trying to draw a project in which meeting the expectations of both have a place, either for fun, grow, evolve, and share the rest of your life, while retaining independence each.

The Jungian analysts, support the idea that things and situations in life come together synchronously to bring the necessary message, accurate learning and resources required.

The best and most accurate of the mirrors, is the couple's relationship is the only link that can reflect about my worst and best aspects.

The synchrony of people is when you respect the other, is allowed to maintain their individuality and in turn is so generous that it ignores certain space which is transferred to another for the sake of common benefit, if this is not provided by both parts of the relationship does not germinate.

Much of the analysis of the situations of couples with problems is to focus attention to talk about himself not the problems the other or discuss how the objective is that there is a meeting between them to see and discuss what what each does, says or thinks that affects the other greatly.

We must stop blaming the other and take responsibility for the happiness of his own life. The anchor of a nagging situation does not lead to anything positive and tight partner relationships.

Fritz Perls said that 80% of what we perceive is a projection of ourselves in our essence, ... good and the remaining 20% as well.

When investigating complaints that a person does, it usually happens is that the complaint is showing its own part of their essence is not recognized by himself and has not given permission to leave and live with the rest of their qualities .

When you fall in love, in the initial stage of falling in love is idealized other and not see it in its entirety, our desires are projected idealized, and hence when I finish this stage that usually lasts no more than 6 months, we say that someone else has changed, and it is not generally, if we were not able to see the whole essence of the person, if not our idealized desires.

For a couple to be consolidated, must pass this process and then share a common vision of life and have a thorough knowledge of the other and agree to accept as is.

Welwood says that true love exists when we love what we know that that person can become when you are with us, so it just is.

When the project in other parts of me that more rejection, if instead of investigating to overcome this rejection I do is enhance the rejection and throw the blame on the other .

In Gestalt and as Karl Jung said, project my shadow on my buddy to see it.

People think they really love when actually they are hooked to their need to possess another. In his heart would say I love you while you're by my side, but if you go you'll probably hate you.

True love is based on what the other needs and enjoy if the other is good, all completely independently of whether it is with me or not, is a selfless, without expecting anything in return, receiving will come when should be.

You have to distinguish what is holding what is love, one must accept that I enjoy being with this couple as well as with others and who thus still growing , perhaps due to rethink the idea that that person can give us everything we need and not so in reality.

What we need to bring us not only that person, if not many more of our environment, and lived experiences of all kinds with many more people, not only with her, and we must be aware of it.

Jealousy is a symptom that a person perceives that person to give someone else that I only I can contribute.

That phrase "No one will love you like me" is very significant, one must understand love fully and on a generous assumption that not only I but many others like me will love you for who you are, when you have such an assessment is when we speak of true love.

Another point to return to the theme of love would take care of your interest in what the other person is interested not in what you're interested in your interest, especially of course, still lose your identity .

This transpires what happens to many people are unable to stop loving oneself for a moment, they are unable to leave their environment, they are not able to understand other people occupying the foreground of their lives themselves exclusively largely monopolizing the conversations in which they belong, could be said to be extremely selfish, especially if we talk about family.

Perhaps to be comfortable in groups must learn to develop the capacity to love, to abandon the expectation of finding perfection, finding balance between selflessness and self-satisfaction of your own needs that you report the other, developing intuition, listening body language, senses and allowed to flow in the relationship, working with the difficulties of giving and receiving measure shows ...

Love begins with the discovery of the essence of another , if I only want to fit one in my ideas and my world the relationship is doomed to failure, should be a step in the discovery of another and the decision not to be the same from now , as never again be the same person.

But begins a journey into the unknown for both, where two more people discover their identity, share and walk together to grow in new directions that are discovered, not the small little world of one of them, the roads are new for both, so the challenge is set.

We must take into account the different levels of consciousness or evolution of each order to fit in your life or be anchored to the other person in a mature relationship, there are two ways of seeing the world as a whole, or targeted, and that would be a point connection.

"Globally" would mean that you have a holistic vision that includes emotions and experiences, is the view of the experience, but instead the "Focus" has to do with logic and rational analytical view on life or in both there are different levels and will depend heavily on which of them is each of them to consolidate a relationship.

When communication channels are not the same or even still be the same but there is understanding razonanle the relationship is doomed to another misunderstanding of the confinement.

When we fell in love with the unconsciousness of love leads at first to open up and connect with our true self, we open up and show us as we are. To love a person, means not fully identify with it nor coinicidir fully with it, but remain the same and be more your in essence when you're with that person .

It is necessary after the infatuation stage to accept and value to our beloved as it is and respecting their ways.

Wanting to change as one is currently holding back the process of evolution of humans, is allowed to flow better and to accept situations as they come.

Nobody is and behaves the same in all situations and environments, not all people are changing all the time or as we expect, people are influenced as we live experiences and is best to assume that any situation can be provided, it is interesting to know how to face and couple is better to talk all kinds of sensations to know what the climate of the relationship at any time.

Being alive is to be in permament move, starting from there I can guide that change, should not lead this change. It is best to be as you are and be allowed to flow situations as they come.

The reeds are hard to break or cut due to their flexibility and how it should be a flexible and durable turn.

The project to realize a common dream is what makes two people fall in love, and the pleasure of being together, appreciate a steady and constant realizing or feeling of flow in the here and now.

The love that is proposed as an ideal whole is built between people who are not two halves that need to feel complete, that much-touted idea of finding the better half is out of date and now the best oranges are complete.

When you need the other to survive the relationship becomes dependent and it can not choose, it is always interesting to have the option of choice. Without the possibility of choice is no freedom, without which no true love.

In short because I tend to be very practical and apetecería leave me dissappointed to love now in spring, love is love coincidences arising from chemistry, and therefore love is love of the differences arising from the consciousness.

The teacher appears when the student is ready. Love appears as the lover is ready.

I love you not for who I am or what you are, but who make me be when I'm with you.