Thursday, April 28, 2011

The consequences of having a double life

Living in appearance is not always an easy task . On the way sometimes, the desire to face with reality. That is, at times what we would like to achieve is practically impossible in everyday life. That is the level of love and in the workplace.

Maybe that's why we must learn to enjoy the reality and limit the field of ideality, where the imagination can recreate a fantasy world that little or a lot has to do with real life. The truth is that although life is not easy, there are people who make life harder for themselves when they take the role of having a double life .

That is, when they assume that they want to live in appearance , hiding something, with an effort of will that comes with living in this way. Especially, when a double life is prolonged over the years. Is something that can become upset.

There are many cases of people who have a dual life as well in many different ways. For example, a married person can maintain a parallel relationship with someone outside of marriage by gambling and infidelity. In the workplace it can happen that someone is going through very difficult economic times and still want to pretend wealth and comfort to others. Even before the closest.

The double life ultimately refers to the concealment of some areas of our life even with those people that there is sufficient confidence to live naturally and to share this in different areas, ie with the family , the couple or friends.

In a relationship that is real, there is no concealment , but two people are shown as they are. Of course, each person has their own privacy, that is, its inner treasure of experiences. However, it is very nice to share intimacy with one's own immediate environment.

There are also parents who apparently are exemplary, couples who seem exemplary until one day, surprisingly, there is divorce. The consequences of having a double life are suffering. The suffering even at the expense of some moments of pleasure or joy. The truth is that the balance weighs more lies, suffering and tragedy of living average.

Learn to live and show you as you are because to the extent that you will respect yourself, others, you also want the same way.