Friday, April 8, 2011

Do you believe in True Love Today?

What I have found: if I bring up produces looks of disbelief when they laugh ... The question triggered these reactions is "Do you believe in true love?" . Unfortunately the answer is almost unanimously negative, which makes me think that we live in a society very pessimistic. Do not believe in true love , or is there doubt?

I think part of the films fault of romantic (and the novels of the same genus) have presented a concept of love capricious, subject to passion, economic interests and values ​​totally unrelated to the effort, renunciation and sacrifice . All this has found its greatest exponent in materialist and consumerist culture we live in today, where people instinctively equated with consumer objects. On the other hand there is no multinational that sells a product called love because love is free and causes losses : I gave all for nothing. There are ads on television or commercial mail is distributed selling love .

And is that true love is hard to put a product on the market. Love hurts . We must die a little (or a lot) by being loved to know if you really love. Love has some feeling (of course!), but has much more conviction. Basing a relationship that is a misconception and immature love puts us in a position of emotional risk with serious consequences. Love can be fun but it is still a very serious thing ...

Why do we fall?

Falling in love is an experience that we should not give up even though we have suffered some disappointment. But what really is this feeling? How to know if true love ? And most importantly, what can we do to keep love ? In this chapter we present four important and useful points that we can focus clearly on the relationship we have or are starting.

1. What is love ?

2. Of falling in love to love

3. False crushes

4. Keeping love

1. What is romance?

Love . The unrequited love affair makes us happy. Falling in love is an emotional state of joy and happiness we feel when we are strongly attracted to another person, which we designed and ascribe a number of qualities that in most cases magnify. In every person in love arises from different causes and specific.

We see in that person to be charming us captive for a number of qualities that we like and we are attracted, his personality, behavior, movement, beauty, intelligence, etc.. Even sometimes we find no objective cause and specific to justify the feelings we experience. When the person in love is reciprocated, feeling an irresistible desire to be with another person, to know and to delve into his life. But when this is not true and love is not reciprocated, you experience a feeling of sadness and frustration that must be overcome to get out of this state.

2. From the Love Infatuation

The lover thinks that love is the ultimate, unique and unrepeatable, and that will endure forever. However, it is only the beginning of a process that may or may not end in true love , and will depend largely on the knowledge and treatment to be taking the other person, know their tastes, preferences, goals etc. This process involves the maturation of the love starting to become a love solid foundation where a lasting relationship and commitment, giving way in many cases to a draft common life or family. When we fall in love , make plans, think about the future, we want to be there at the right time and fix everything so that your loved one feel good while we expect a match of it.

3. False Infatuation

"When someone says that is what must change so that you love her , you should answer that when you love truly love the person as is . " Often emerge in us feelings that seem to be love , however, are distorted and instead of love is the opposite, but because we believe that our perception is truly love . Often, some people confuse being in love with other forms of love or feelings. We try to identify and distinguish the true love affair . Some of them are:

1. When a person falls only if there is an obstacle to carrying out a relationship, this obstacle may be the very rejection of the person who wants to conquer, or the existence of a rival, or when you are married, etc.. In this case, when the barrier disappears and is successful, the love also disappears.

2. When a person is attracted to another as a result of what is or is: wealth, power, social class, etc. We call this the love -interest. People who achieve their goals through others, and are judged on the merits of another.

3. Insecure people who cheat on the person loved to seduce her with qualities that have or hiding defects. These are people who know their limitations and know how to hide and keep the other perceive them but sooner or later come to light and when they start the disappointments and one feels cheated / a. That is not true love .

4. After a disappointment in love , people want to fall in love again to forget the love that is making you suffer, have a relationship with another person you feel comfortable but not in love , after some time the relationship fails.

5. For these people, especially teenagers, who think they love their idols, they feel admiration for what they do or as they are physically, and confuse it with love .

Keeping Love

At the beginning of any relationship is good to know the concerns, hobbies and activities that everyone likes to do and try to respect them and, as far as possible, make them together, but without forcing situations. We must not forget that it is good to do things individually and that is a misconception that couples who spend more time together work best. In short, this is not to lose the dreams you've always been since, to the extent that one is good about yourself is going to be to make the best of themselves to the relationship .

After some time, moving from the euphoria of the beginning of the tranquility of everyday life, after several years of living there is fatigue and the deterioration of some couples who do not have the means to avoid and this together with the routine can lead to the end of the relationship. To prevent this from happening and keep the hope and enthusiasm, care must be taken every day our life together. How? Through small details and communication, trying every day a larger approach, further demonstrating our partner that we want and making you feel happy with us.

You learn to love , not when you find the perfect person, but when he learns to believe in the perfection of an imperfect person. And you believe in true love ?