Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Find love

Normally we dream of finding love with a being who is handsome, rich, cute, love us and respect us, that is fun, that will dance, they get along with their family. And we finish with a sigh, "and who accepts me as I am."

Find love goes beyond physical and material, is more internal, more spiritual. It's something for you because you first have to find love within yourself. You must make the changes necessary to be at peace and harmony with yourself. We invite you to do an exercise to find the love to you, start writing an inventory of what you do not like your behavior, your reactions to the other, the way you express and to others and make a effort to modify it, moment by moment Make amends.

Just put more attention on what you think and do when you realize you're falling back on the error, correct!. Believe that you can do, the more benefit you will be you. To find love and acceptance by the person reflected in the mirror, you provide a different brightness in your eyes and rest assured that all individuals who watch you will notice the change. This is not to find love outside of us that love is already in you and all who inhabit the planet, but we have to recognize, identify with it.