Monday, April 18, 2011

Fun Facts about Valentine's Day. Did you know ...?

This year Valentine's Day is now just around the corner, and couples do not let this fantastic opportunity to make original gifts , because it is a very special day. But not all sites are held in the same way, even on the same date. Then a trivia to share with your partner at this year's Valentine's Day .

. In Brazil , the Dia dos Namorados , as there call it, is 12 June. This day is celebrated couples exchanging gifts and messages.

. It seems that in Spain this day was first celebrated in the mid-twentieth century. They say it was a chain of stores now defunct and originating in a central street in Madrid which introduced Valentine's Day gifts in our lives.

. In China have the Qi Qiao Jie or day to show the skills and celebrated the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. When will fall this year?

. Single women in Great Britain and Italy , the night of Valentine's Day look out the window waiting for a man to pass. They say the first they see, they will marry this year.

. In New York that day only seven couples can marry, on floor 80 of the Empire State Building, going to have free admission on the day of their anniversary.

. In Japan , thousands of lovers go to Mount Fuji, and playing the "Hood Love" three times while saying the name of his beloved order to achieve everlasting love.

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