Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How to Stop Being Only your friends and begin to awaken Something More

Are you tired of being just the friend who never have anything with it even though you like (or even, you're in love)? Want to know what to do to go further with it? Well, you can start to make her feel good. That is, many people focus too much on stupid questions like "What you like?" Or "How can I kiss you?" Not take the time to make her feel good. You think that if she feels good when you, why do you detest? (If your answer is yes, reread this paragraph as many times as necessary until your answer is "no").

Sure, you can also worrying, how most men, what she thinks of you or where you are going to take and what are you going to say, and get, like most men, most women want to be just your friends and nothing more.

The thing is, you know how it is when you feel well. Focus your "efforts" to make her feel good. But beware. It is not lowering yourself to yourself in the attempt. She has to earn the make you feel good (though at first you can always give a "free sample" only it wants).

Provócale emotions. Talk about all kinds of things. Many people make the mistake of trying to speak only of things romantic (or never talk about romantic things.) Talk about whatever. Ask him about his emotions. Learn how to excite.

You read this and know how much you will enjoy sharing pleasant moments with her because when you're with her now relax (though of course now you're not with her) and that lets you express yourself more.

Tell what you like. Find what you like. Not only physically but also in personality. When you see a sexy girl, do not assume that you like until you know how it really is. Learn about it (this will also permit more ideas to make her feel good).

Be captivated, enjoy it. Women like you enjoy (really). Enjoy the moment. Paradoxically, the less the need to feel good, more will want it to be with you. Learn to enjoy the beauty and let yourself be captivated by her. Look for the beauty as much as you can. Teach him to enjoy more of life and will follow you everywhere (and you'll remember forever.)

Do not be afraid to women, much less the thoughts that you think they have. You do not read minds so go and meet her, talk to them. The pleasure of beauty. The world enjoys you. Attraction. You do not know how your unconscious will surprise you.