Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to talk with a woman

Have not you noticed that one of the most difficult and cause more fear when seducing a woman is like and to talk to her? At most we find it difficult talking to a woman, we dry throat, stutter, and we put a blank mind, we are so concerned with pleasing and attractive and interesting show that we end up behaving like idiots. But if we realize, talking with a woman is not so complicated, for me is almost like talking with a friend, or another man, the differences between men and women are not so great, and when speaking this is not exception.

There are some little secrets that can help us break the ice, which make us feel more comfortable and quiet when we talk to a girl. The environment is important to look out very well in that place is developed or want to unfold the conversation, if you're in places where frequent long or keeping a constant contact with that girl, is much easier to approach her and talk to if you Spears after talking to a girl you've never seen, is much easier to talk to a girl you've known in college or at work, if time or first meet in places like a bar, a mall, in the street or in public transport, most hostile environments in these prevention and distrust of women is higher and are most of the time prevented, avoiding the eyes and comments morbid men the vast majority of stalkers who might find on these sites.

Learn to be spontaneous: When we try to talk to a girl, and try to be or prove things that are not, these behaviors we bring out, put into question our authenticity as people, makes us insecure and generate greater stress on the environment This girl makes that lead to greater and greater distrust prevention and losing more points with her.

Learn to have a good sense of humor: Although women are unconsciously attracted aggressive attitudes of men, because they generate a sense of confidence and masculinity in them, if you approach a woman with killer eyes and a bad attitude she feel too intimidated to you, and what they will do is shut you down and try to avoid your touch and your presence.

Apart from spontaneous to have a happy image and sense of humor, ice melts more easily and feel more comfortable with a woman, it is best to leave aggressive or too masculine attitudes to privacy, have a good humor and a good attitude is not beneath your masculinity, remember that being male also means being smart enough to have good humor and know how to express, to have humor and be happy also shows intelligence and masculinity.

One step at a time: Do not armes movies, do not think that because you talked to that girl, are you going to bed, that only happens in porn movies, do not do stories, not rush things when you allow things to flow things happen with more spontaneity and the girl will not feel harassed or forced to do something to you, remember that women always care about their image and do not like to feel or be judged as foxes, let things flow and see that things are going to be giving little by little.

Therefore, the classrooms of universities and / or office at work, are training camps to develop these skills so important. Imagine talking to a girl you barely know is like talking to that friend whom you know for years, making the feeling you experience when talking with your best friend, and then transporting it and see that things are easier than they appear.

No need to show your intellect, or you're a great conversationalist if you open the conversation with a complicated issue as the global economy or the like, these issues is best to talk to friends, but with a woman there is nothing better than talk about something that wrap the two if both attend the same university and if they are seeing the same stuff, have a lot of things that can split to start a conversation, talking about common issues, not issues as specific and that can become difficult to understand for it, besides if you get too philosophical, you'll start seeing boring and the chemistry that can generate can be ruined.

If you show you're a good talker and you're nice, she will awaken a greater interest in you and begin to feel more comfortable with your presence and proximity.