Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it possible for a Love Survive the Distance?

Some relationships should be strengthened to face the distance will be the test ... so hard to beat for a distance love survive?

Janette wakes up every day to as 4 am. He knows that, at that time will call Hikaru from Japan. He does not mind going to school with tired eyes and dark circles hanging. Does all happy knowing that your loved one will return soon to be by her side.

However, not everything is easy, for this love from a distance . Since he left, Janette insecurity has increased. Sometimes you feel tired and think that it will not work. But back to see through the web cam and illusions emerge ...

For Yacolca Esturdo psychotherapist, a distance love is not impossible, but if you have more problems than a normal relationship. Ensures that the duration of love from afar will depend on the bond they have.

For a love from afar work will prevail compromisoque level is driving each of the lovers. It must begin to ask: Am I willing to tolerate everything?, said the expert.

Cold Love: One of the major obstacles faced by a love of distance is the absence of physical contact. And not just sexual.

According Yacolt this kind of relations should be used to a communication without hugs or gestures. The existence of unmet needs should be supplanted by another kind of affection. It will be difficult if one partner has a real and then separates. It will miss sharing the day to day, the resort to another in the exact moment it is needed. All these details must be overcome in love at a distance , he warns.

However, says there are ways to keep love away. If the couple is truly committed to their relationship, then you should keep as much communication as possible. Ie increase the frequency with which they communicated before.

Three tips:

1 .- Join the best friend socialesy Make the most of networks. It will help you get closer to your partner.

2 .- enjoy every moment. Very few minutes will be contacted to discuss, criticize or try some disagreement.

3 .- To establish a schedule for contact and stick to it faithfully.

Tips for Distance:

It takes a lot of trust in a love at a distance . Is a basis for a working relationship and more necessary when the separating distance. If you feel insecure (a) of yourself (a) and what you feel, the relationship will not work. Gotta work on yourself, know and expect the same from the other side.