Thursday, April 28, 2011

The joy that comes from unrequited love

A few days ago I shared an article about the sadness that comes from indifference . For this reason, today I would like to make a reflection on the opposite situation: the joy that comes from love. For example, falling in love produces a range of physical symptoms also difficult to concentrate.

For this reason, sometimes a very intense infatuation that one person can do academically bright get poorer grades in a semester exams . The truth is that love in his initial excitement may have such dimensions that it is somewhat uncontrollable one hundred percent by the human mind. Perhaps, this may be one reason why the initial appeal of love also has a temporal duration in time.

Love is a cause for joy as well have explained different philosophers throughout the history of thought. But yes, love brings happiness if it is reciprocated. Otherwise, born suffering and emptiness. Anyone should feel valued for simply daring to love beyond what a story is finished. In fact, no one can know the result of a love story if not encouraged to try to take the plunge.

Love is essential at any stage of life but even more so in old age as a logical consequence of the age there is weakness and fear. Fear of solitude , illness and death. Love in old age is the great gift of being able to look back to observe the evolution of a two-story and shared moments through photographs that remain in the memory of sheer inertia.

It is impossible to forget everything that is born of the heart in mysterious ways because no one decides who falls in love , how or when.

Sometimes, love apparent cracks also arise through conflict or estrangement . Conflicts that might invite to give up a human being too proud. However, only those who persevere realizes that the company is better than the loneliness of the soul. Soledad seen as arrogance and sense of superiority over others.

It's hard to know what the magic recipe for a story of love last a lifetime. However, certain that your environment know the case of couples who came to the finish together. Each person has their own way that, you take the mystery as a source of motivation for learning to live in contact with the magic that each day is in your daily routine.