Friday, April 8, 2011

Love and Passion

Is there a difference between passion and love? Many get confused with both sentiments. So what happened to Carla few years ago. He thought he had found the true love , but found, over time, it was only a passion uncontrollable almost addictive.

The boy who left the charmed with the look and every time they walked together surprised her with a kiss passionately caresses aconpaƱado exciting. But a relationship not only needs but unbridled passions and shared dreams commitments sublime love that he showed no signs of them. XOXO fever and nothing else. Only this is not love . "

So what is it? The psychologist explains Tatiana Zegarra Merluzzi that passion is aroused impulsive affection sensitivity, and may result in a large love or temporary. "There are people more passionate than others, but we must distinguish when someone truly loves us beyond that feeling torn. Sometimes we tend to confuse the first love with the first passion. The ideal is to have a couple passion and love , while "idic.

And The Cold ..? There are those who doubt their partner when it is not very passionate because they believe they do not love or are interested in otr @ s but these uncertainties, the specialist advised, should be dialogue to overcome misunderstandings. However, he says that if they are not happy with the couple because it is not very expressive, as they would like, it is best to end the relationship because then there will be a feeling of frustration or unhappiness. "Communication is very important to be aware well, you have confidence. Some people are shy and need understanding, "he says. But be careful with apathetic attitudes dilute the passion and love , at a time.