Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love Experiences

"It's hard to close your eyes and fall asleep when you do"

There are things I do not understand, but the years bring us wisdom. Life can always be better but we who decide how to live and still assume the consequences of our actions.

Everything we do, good or bad has a pronounced effect on post and in my case is no exception. I know I've made many mistakes but I have been amazed with the complexity almost maniacal humans when they are injured while knowing that they were the ones who committed the error. No clean bag or placed in the affected martyr, but I think that if he becomes a martyr when he begins the process of losing and more when they did the damage believes he did nothing and was a perfect match.

Love is not possession ...

Humans have a great privilege "are not anyone's private property" if anybody should honor and respect is our creator, only to Him But two things can happen: the first is that supposedly loves us and wants us to have the second is that our character is so weak that we can not take control of our own lives and turn it over to another being who may have less self-restraint than we are.

You can not claim love when you have not given love, this is a serious issue reciprocal. The most important book of the story says, "Give and you shall receive." I think love is something that should grow and is something of great responsibility that large companies can take forward projects damaged or destroyed sublime.

The couple should not claim rights over the other, that space is given to those who value their relationship and evidenced by their behavior and come from situations that occur daily and can not be ignored. Unfortunately there are people who see beyond their noses and their inferiority complex leads to doubt that it has taken the decision to love them and choose them as the person who will walk with them the rest of his life, I think it the best guarantee of love, because they can be better people, but love is blind, and look beyond the flaws and defects that possibly other partners prior to the noticed but want to ignore, fortunately or unfortunately, the day comes that the welfare precedence over personal pride, immaturity and the emotional vacuum that is impossible to fill in the other. For the sake of a better desert, let the river run its current "love is not static, is dynamic."

There are many factors which breaks down a relationship, but the most damaging of all is the disrespect.

Disrespect when you ask if you met someone.

Degraded disrespect when personal appearance of your partner.

Disrespect when you compare your current partner with the former.

Disrespect when you feel bad about your spouse in public.

No disrespect when you listen to your partner and know that you need to touch any situation which may bring improvement to the relationship.

Disrespect when you think and you notice your spouse you're right without.

Disrespect when they ask for forgiveness and your partner is emotionally shattered.

Having a partner is one of the greatest privileges bestowed upon us by the creator, and we estimate to be a privilege to be that God gave us to live together and build with. Do not do more damage and think again "your partner is waiting at home."