Thursday, April 28, 2011

Love worth

Not all people are truly in love at some point in their lives. Falling in love a hundred percent goes beyond having had a partner. There are cases of people who are with a partner just for the sheer desire for companionship or even to overcome the rejection of another person. Love of truth is an individual act in which a person is risking feel, ie not protected by a shell, is left to know , dares to share this, dares to show feelings ...

Sometimes, as a result of a heartbreak important we spend much time trying to protect the world. Ie avoiding someone can come into our lives and repeat the same story. Ultimately, living on the defensive is not to live as someone who protects prevents another person gets one hundred percent to the heart.

Love when it becomes indifference causes suffering, disappointment, pain, sadness ... But nevertheless, it is always worth falling in love and try it. The time when a person feels the magic of having met someone special is truly magical. This time compensated one hundred years of pain.

The illusion that makes falling in love is so powerful in a positive way as the sadness that arises from negative following the end of a history of contact with reality. Sometimes, after the crush there a great deal of idealization and fantasy . But there is nothing wrong to dream that the other can be perfect if only for a while.

We must therefore make a positive reading of indifference to advance to the vital level. One who makes a negative reading self-pity and even get stuck in the past. Dare to dream and think that if you ever met someone who made ​​you feel special, when you least expect that feeling will knock on your door.

Think about the experiences you've had as a way of taking learning to begin to want a better way to another and to learn to feel in a balanced way between the heart and reason. Also, feel fortunate for all the people with whom you met in your life and with whom you shared a special moment. This is a gift that will remain in your memory even in old age. To live is the best adventures, therefore, dare to be happy .

Not blind you to life beyond the pain and disappointment. Think you just have a broken heart that will blossom with a new love and a new hope.