Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spaces in the couple

When a person finds a couple discovers that he must put part of herself to share time with the other . Only the sharing of time, ie, only making plans mutual understanding is possible based on the joy of sharing. However, it is necessary to moderate timeshares since in that case, not having a private space can lead to saturation, ie exhaustion. Sometimes being with another person can always prevent us from enjoying our own value and our company inside.

The common areas are those that we share with others, for example, plans, mutual friends, usual places ... On the other hand, the eigenspace is one that belongs only to yourself. To be good with another is necessary before this good about yourself. Therefore, the quality of space itself is the basis of shared spaces.

One of the keys to success lies in the balance couples to spend time with each other accurately. For example, today many people make the mistake of neglecting the couple as a result of work pressure or the pursuit of personal success. This situation can be seen in the daily routine, however, one day we discover why more than a love story to share with another person we face a genuine unknown.

Determine what spaces are proper and which are common is a respect keys . Two people should know their own value not only in love but also friendship, however, sometimes we lose sight of what is truly important in life.

Maintain a stable relationship over time is not easy, especially in today's society where there is great instability in the emotional realm. Love is a long term project, a task that involves perseverance, sacrifice and dedication.

The most common mistake in a couple is confuse love and emotion , that is, feel the intensity of the principle remains in force throughout the years. Love becomes calm and maturity that can be achieved in part thanks to the wisdom of those who know how to find a balance between their own spaces and shared spaces.

Worth fighting for a love story when there are feelings and affection. Without doubt, one of the keys to success in any love story requires a friendship background , ie, empathy, dialogue and fellowship.