Friday, April 8, 2011

Still looking for a partner that is equal to First Love?

At 19, Laura believes that his new relationship does not have the charm and magic subliminal first love. The tenderness of the first kiss and those long walks hand in hand with the former promising him eternal love are unforgettable moments that I come back to live intensely, but are part of the past. His new experience not feel disappointed because the same emotions and bored. Compare and believes that true love was the first where all was happiness and there was only him and her in a pink cloud.

Nothing more wrong . This relationship, which could be called "INAUGURAL", not the only and must avoid taking it as a model for the future as it could cause problems.

When you start to love, feelings and expectations are part of an illusion by which we all go through at some point, but in the words of psychologist Nancy Mendoza, an expert in teen-must be overcome to sustain later, relations are far more mature than the idealized happiness.

"There are women and men are more emotional and dazzled them so the first experience I believe it should be equal to the future. But not all links love should be governed by the first love . It is experiencing other emotions to the extent one is maturing, "says the psychologist.

Goes further. The attitude after the breakdown of love primeval pattern relies heavily on family and personality of each, Mendoza stressed. There are those who seek to fill that void with a relationship like the one they had for the first time. Not finding feel depressed and self-esteem drops to alarming levels. "This happens primarily with adolescents, but when they grow up they realize they have a partner that goes beyond a lovely illusion, where everything is not happiness," ella.Lo best thing to do, Mendoza recommends, is to leave the mold you Formaster with first love and with each new partner discover more earthly delights.

Please Note:

The psychologist advised to lose the fear of falling in love again and stop thinking that all relationships are equal.
Understand that couples have different personalities and express their feelings in different ways.
Understand that the new couple will show a new facet of love, but with other more mature outlook and dreams.