Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two common mistakes when meeting a woman

When we meet someone who interests us most, and in this case when you meet a woman you like and start the process of rapprochement, several may be errors that can occur, most of them are made unconsciously and many cases these mistakes can cost us form a closer relationship with that person.

Conquer a woman is a strategy and must be fully aware of what you do, say and express.

This article is dedicated to two very common mistakes that we make all some time with a woman, once you realize them, is very easy to avoid them, and believe me it can guarantee a gain quickest and easiest way to seduce a Women

Error # 1 show sexual interest in a woman too soon.

Results: Women lose interest in you quickly.

Women are repulsed by men who take an interest in them only by their appearance. Why? because women make a man worth has to make being able to have a physical approach with them.

Error # 2 Do not show sexual interest.

Results: The women put these men in the category of "friends" or "gay." After a man interacts with a woman for too long without trying to seduce him only a platonic way. He becomes like a brother and not many women get along with his brothers.

So how long should it take a man to show their sexual interest? The answer is 3:35 minutes of the conversation. No, I'm kidding.

You show your interest when you learn something attractive and unique in a woman. In this is what you base your sexual interest in one aspect of his personality.

Can you be attracted to his artistic abilities or the fact that he runs five miles every morning without fail? No. But you may feel attracted by his passion for finding the truth through his art or his strength to strive to herself every morning. The unique qualities of a woman are sexy. And when you base your interest beyond their physical appearance they see you're not desperate or that you are gay, but you're a man who has more to offer, a man of substance and value, a sexy man.

Every woman has unique and compelling about it. As the saying goes: "Our job is to find those things."

Now, I know you may be thinking, "That sounds good, but I've had times when I approached a woman and was on."

Yes, these moments exist and can be intoxicating. Make eye contact across a crowded room and no electricity in the air. However, if you really look at these moments you realize that they are "mutual." For some reason, the two want to share their unique beings. This "justifies" the attraction and the sparks begin to fly. However, even here, in order to raise the nature of the interaction toward a result beyond the sexual or romantic, you echo on further steps in the process of attracting more than one quality of each one of you .