Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Typical Type of Man That Women Want

If I asked you: What kind of man women want? What do I respond? ... The most possible is that most would answer me, and I once had done so well: "Women look for tall guys, good young men, sexy, hairy-chested, with features rough and masculine, beefy and bad attitude , those who like to spread pain in the ass and they are naturally aggressive "That was a time, at the time that she still felt the pressure suppression and exaggerated machismo, it was a time when society qualified to man the provider and the woman who cared for and maintained the house and if I do not think just look at your parents or your grandparents and that at the time were the "roles" of both men and women.

Today things have changed a lot, but still handle the tough guy image of hairy-chested types Lorenzo Lamas and so stylish, even those stereotypes are very common and although a woman could say that I prefer a Lorenzo Lamas that a regular guy, the truth is not so. They might say they prefer the tough guy, because that is part of a woman's sexual fantasies, and we like a woman Pamela Anderson kind, voluptuous, and very feminine women the prototype is a kind man as described briefly above you.

But hey stop talking about Lorenzo Lamas and focus on the topic of this post. According to recent studies and research, women have been gradually removing of mind that their image of the tough guy man and women but even more contemporary, as well as I said before if she was guarding the house and I had the hot meal when they returned to work, today's women now working, studying face the world as we do men and many of them engaged in activities that were once only for men, and as a good example, are all women now part of our armed forces, others are Fire, Police and even top executives of the most prestigious companies in the world.

Studies show that the image that women had earlier on the ideal type of man has changed a lot, they no longer looking for a supplier to all while they wait in the house, they look more like a partner who is his hand right, looking for a man who also can dirty your hands with the housework, looking for a man with a greater willingness to express their feelings and have a high level of sensitivity to the situations around them. Lamas Goodbye!! It just breaks your reign of faces and shared Ostia.

These are some of the physical characteristics they now call more attention to women in a man:

1. Average height of 1.70 to 1.80 Meters: If you are within this range, that it is no longer necessary to be the behemoth of 1.90 meters or more to be attractive to a woman, studies have shown that men are too large but slow and difficult in their movements, a big man down creates a sense of equals, not a feeling they are being accompanied by the Yeti.

2. Too much muscle is not very aesthetically say: I no longer sneak around killing 3 hours a day in the gym to look like Arnold in Conan the Barbarian, Hercules and kind man is not very aesthetic in the eyes of women, in addition to are heavier and slower, women prefer a thinner man, with muscles rather marked, which give the impression of agility and flexibility, it creates a more attractive and increased sexual attraction for a man less muscular and more resilient and agile is a better lover in bed is better seen as a cheetah and not as the hindquarters of a rhinoceros.

3. Features were a bit more delicate: The current women prefer a guy with facial morphology a little more delicate and careful, remember that they already do the same to us and we will make a skirt and heels, there is no need to have face pitbull to be the provider of the house, it already suppliers and they do it while preserving the most delicate and feminine as possible.

4. Chest hair is already outdated, and not just the chest hair, hair on face, excessive hair on the head, well ... if you have hair in many parts of what I recommend you go down, or give you a permanent hair removal, women seeking an equal and if we talk about hair, where you will find a hairy woman, they prefer to feel the softness of men's skin and not feel as if he were caressing the dog's belly.

If you look the reign of men such as Arnold has gone out of fashion, men now look a little more common and normal, it is more accepted and desired by women today, so do not despair to inject steroids or to have an abundant mane-like "Renegade", just watch out a bit and look more neat, now we have normal-looking much better chance of being able to link when we go out partying out there, at work or University, we just have to be a little more assertive with our appearance and care only enough for ourselves and pleasing to the eyes of a woman.