Thursday, April 28, 2011

Unemployment restricts the possibilities of finding love

When looking for love is influenced by many factors. For this reason, today I would like to pay special attention to understanding how it affects unemployment in the process of conquest . The truth is that when a person has been unemployed for many months felt the urgent need to find a new job. For this reason, then love is not a priority but it is quite secondary.

On the other hand, a person in unemployment is also more difficult to meet new people. For example, any worker who comes every day at the office have more choices to meet someone interesting .

Moreover, being unemployed and to the necessity of saving also reduce social plans. The truth is that when a person is unemployed must commit to stay active and keep in touch with new people. It is therefore positive and conduct training in such cases it is possible to reconcile the practice learning social skills.

When a person is unemployed may also feel an injury to his self-esteem . For this reason, they also feel less secure in undertaking a process of conquest as the inner confidence is one of the biggest attractions. But we should learn that a job does not add value within a human being remains the same regardless of the circumstances.

For example, there are professions that have greater social prestige . However, the employment status of any person can change dramatically throughout life, however, the value inside a person is invariable and a real treasure.

At the time of establishing an agreement with another person is better meet the essential value , ie, to observe his character, thinking about the level of compatibility with the other, to determine whether two people have similar life plan or not ... Today, many people are suffering greatly as a result of the economic crisis because although the money does not bring happiness, however, the satisfaction of basic needs is essential to achieve higher values ​​such as love .

Those who have a partner can also take an unemployment situation as a test to strengthen the union and to observe the level of commitment to a serious relationship. You are unemployed or not you think that life can always surprise you in the most unexpected since any negative situation, sooner or later, ends.