Monday, May 9, 2011

5 keys to a successful relationship

1 .- Tenderness

You do not need a special occasion to give and give a hug, a kiss, a gentle phrase.

On the contrary, if you express your affection on a daily basis and abundant, grow and expand to see an explosion of love.

Every time you pet, you look cute and affectionate, you smile ... driven a torrent of powerful reasons to love more deeply and better life, people, your family, you ...

2.-Good Humor.

The sense of humor helps us to properly fit the circumstances of life, to accept our mistakes and limitations and smoother our most difficult situations. In short, it helps to dramatize and relative.

Find the healthy side and less serious as life and you will see the humor and good love go hand in hand ...

3 .- The need for good communication.

An open dialogue is no easy task. At least not until they discover how much benefit we reported to us and our environment.

Give not ever assume that the other side guess our thoughts and emotions. If we want something, we do know. Express our feelings is essential pipelined fashion.

Only through a frank, direct and more explicit can we bridge the gap that separates us. It seeks to establish an empathic communication, which will give rise to a change in vision, an exchange where all parties make a profit.

4 .- Admiration.

When you admire someone, you want to be beside her, of all shapes and ways.

Want to show your appreciation and admiration of many ways you could ever imagine.

Recognize the beautiful and admirable in others, makes it possible to express a love more real.

Retrieves the values ​​that one day made you feel how lucky you were to be able to enjoy that relationship. No doubt you will benefit and all your relationships are adorned with genuine interest and anticipation.

5 .- Wishing happiness to others.

Make no mistake. It is not inordinately deliver everything and everyone. That would be seeking approval that would eventually walk away from everything we have discussed here.

Nor do we build the happiness of the loved one on our back. That would be confusing for everyone involved.

What I express is the importance of hope that people are loved and appreciated as best they can have at this time.

Perhaps an example will serve to see the difference in what I intend to explain:

Álvaro and Javier are my two children.

I want to be as happy as possible. I wish every day build a more solid foundation on which to settle.

I wish you never stop learning from all that life holds.

I want to continue sharing my moments with them, the happiest and the hardest, because I want to grow with them.

I want to be mistaken as necessary and continue walking.

I want you to understand that happiness is not a search, but a choice.

I wish I could see them happy despite the circumstances.

I wish I could help them with everything necessary and possible.

I want to continue seeing each day through more love, kindness and tenderness.

Poderles wish much happiness as they give me.

And so and through this, I want a full and satisfying life in which to continue sharing.

And I feel every day of my life, every moment that passion becomes more and more extensive.

Wishing for happiness makes us happy.

I can not think of a better outlook on life, an action that encompasses respect, joy, responsibility, love and the beautiful opportunity to continue growing and learning ...