Monday, May 9, 2011


Love is not shown in the idealization of a loved one. We all have limitations and make mistakes. And thanks to them, we continue to grow ... Too often, relationships are damaged by being based on what we would like it to be, and not accept that they are, as they really are.

As William Shakespeare wrote:

"After a while to accept that even good people could ever hurt you and you need to forgive ..."

There is no name that we take in as virtues or defects. The truth is that any attribute can serve as a springboard to continue learning and moving forward.

Love ourselves and others implies acceptance and recognition of the value we have as human beings.

That brings us full acceptance to the observance, fulfillment and the opportunity for a deeper encounter and beautiful. The complaint and the negativity away.

Why the time lapse in love?. Perhaps to find the answer has to investigate before on another question. What you were in love? Maybe your expectations?

When you are able to accept a relationship, from a wide knowledge and responsibility, start a firm and lasting relationship.

When you choose to stay entirely accept that person, you're giving a beautiful opportunity to see life through the kindness, tenderness and a wise understanding.

Start all your relationships built on an acceptance basis more real and less fanciful.