Monday, May 9, 2011

How long should I continue this relationship?

Any healthy relationship should end when for some reason prevents us continue to grow.

Teaching our children means educating them to be independent, and as a mandatory part of this teaching was to leave from a search for identity.

And that identity transcended the wrong identifications we live under, what it should be with us throughout our lives. Failure to do so is to live a life unconscious and adrift.

Maintain a relationship with our spouse or loved one, should lead to afford to be as we are without constantly urge us do not choose freely what they are doing.

Of course love and coexistence involve concessions, negotiations, delaying or even resignation our specific desires seeking satisfaction of another.

So what's the difference? Can we give up our desires without hurting our independence?

The clear line is to not feel forced. If you do something that means a waiver for you evaluate what you leave behind and what you get and do it if your action is clear for you the reward. Do not build a life full of bitter reproach, based on manipulations!

The problem is not the relationship itself, and therefore the fact of leaving is not going to terminate the conflict. If you do not solve what should be resolved in you dragging your burden as a burden.

Erroneous beliefs and exempt us from our actions will weave around that relationship and how many others we play the same repetitive pattern ...

Does he/she makes you unhappy? Do you really think that someone or something has that power over you?

Become aware of what you are, who you are, know more and more and derives no responsibility for your happiness on anything or anyone.

To become independent beings leads to an encounter with what we are, with the possibility of live a life in which our behaviors most appropriate choice without coercion.

But the task is not easy, socially and culturally we are taught that we must do what is expected of us. In most cases not even take to a stage of consciousness.

Advanced "maturity" that we live our relationships under a constant shadow of enforced obligations that we have built on assumptions of others.

Declared our independence, does not mean abandoning the relationship, but take responsibility for each of them conscious and controlled manner, starting with the relationship with ourselves.

Clinging to someone or something psychologically imply guilt, pain, frustration and most likely dependency and resentment.

Independence in our relationships forged in freedom of choice, respect for oneself and one's surroundings, the only way love can grow and approach to relationships in which the inter action leads us to fulfill our dreams and goals, and not resign.

Do you still think you have possession of the claim? Nothing wrong.

Often we end up holding on to what we love with the desire not to change it. But life means evolution, movement, and the mere fact of trying to stay anchored in our view makes initial goal forgotten.

That began as love has been absorbed by fears and insecurities, to complete a loop become oppressive with which distort the beauty.

Our independence begins to hear when each of us can be what you will but not our wants and desires to be, without imposing the requirement or expectation to continue loving, growing and smiling at the life without fear.