Monday, May 9, 2011

Online dating statistics

Online dating is one of the success stories of the Internet. Statistics from previous years show that 38,000,000 people visit online dating site. Metrix comScore dating sites (July 2006). That is 18% of European internet users.

In America some 40,000,000 people use online dating services. That is 40% of American Internet users and according to the "chamber of online dating" some 20,000,000 million people also use online dating services at least once a month and 120,000 marriages a year in America are attributed to online dating. "Statistics amazing .......

the average age of these users? 18-84 and seems Internet users have a university degree or similar. The split between male and female users seem to be uniform. These are not sad or stupid individuals.

Why the phenomenal success of online dating? Well, everyone has lives busier and busier and the opportunity for traditional meetings have been reduced, but also online dating is the reversal of traditional gatherings where physical Attractions is king. The compatibility is a second very distant. Online dating is investment. People can search through there list of objectives of features, personality types, education levels, lifestyle etc., But can see through the photo-sharing if there is a physical attraction. When these people meet each other, almost know each other.

Andrea Baker a professor of sociology at the University of Ohio says his research shows the longer the two people communicate before their first meeting face to face, the better the match with the right chemistry and the relationship can move very quickly a deeper level. So in many countries around the world online dating today has become the norm rather than the exception.

In 2002, Wired magazine predicted that within 20 years the idea of ​​seeking a partner, or love without looking online would be similar to driving from London to Moscow without a map. Yes not very wise.

Within Ukraine online dating is different and is viewed with suspicion or even fear. This is a great pity. Confidential Matchmakers hope to change the view in the Ukraine of online dating. In accordance with the matchmakers confidential European model exist simply to present the possibility of international connections between Ukraine and the women and men from all over the world (Confidential Matchmakers are now offering the same opportunity to Ukraine and Russian men.)

There are no hidden agendas and need not be any doubt, fears or suspicions. Members choose to whom to communicate and with whom to consider a relationship. It's as simple as that. So come on Ukraine, awaken to the possibilities and opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. What is the major attraction throughout the world of Russian and Ukrainian ladies? Quite simply exceptional beauty, intelligence, education level and high level of elegance, cultural grounding and femininity.