Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fully Love Life Achieved in 5 Steps

Your love life should in "theory" to overcome the working life, which is an average over 40 years. However, in this company called marriage did not receive a proper education and complete, children and young people do not even have in their academic curriculum subjects that allow them to develop their social skills, understanding gender differences and / or the different ways we both sexes fall in love, among others. The results are that of 10 couples who marry each year, 5 were divorced.

But it need not be so today we have some years of research in the field of relationships, there are people ready to help them form healthy relationships, and have the media powerful, all we have to do is look for that help, to learn, improve and innovate our relationships, to help our children and future generations who also built.

In this article I show you how to plan your love life and if you have one, how to keep it so do not spend part of the sad statistics.

1. Choose your partner

Based on your tastes, characteristics and needs of mentally choose a partner who wanted to be and raise a family. Characteristics of mental, physical and spiritual. Choose what features would never tolerate negative, the things we hate, so you are aware and say No when they appear.

Also be aware of what your positive characteristics that you want to share with that person. What are the negative characteristics that have to be improving in the process called personal growth and maturity.

The next step in the mental mate choice is down on paper or several.

2. Dating

Starts, keep moving, college parties, bars, restaurants, cafes, parties, theater, cinema, art exhibitions, classes, private parties, online dating, and in all places and know that you think may be the couple that you dream and deserve.

If you use the internet as a means to meet your partner, try to be in your own country, if not, be alive and live in should not take them more than a year. The virtual chemistry there, but the reality is better.

3. Commitment and Marriage

You should be clear from the outset and say you want a serious relationship or marriage-oriented commitment. If the person says no, please accept that "no" answer, because it is a blessing, that person is being honest with you and you have the option to say thanks and move to the next appointment. It is easier to reach if you know how and with whom.

4. No sex without commitment

If you follow me a while know that I teach women especially say NO to sex without commitment and the reason is simple, most women we relate sexually with the love hormone oxytocin is that makes us believe that We believe we are in love and codependency.

If you think you have limiting beliefs that have engaged in romantic situations or thoughts before you start are preventing healthy emotional relationships.

5. Always keep 3 components:

Successful couples relationships are 3 premises: chemistry, compatibility and communication.

Chemistry is physical attraction, always stay clean, attractive, sexy, fitted, fragrant, beautiful, handsome, for you as a premise and then to your partner.

Compatibility is what we like about the other person, common interests, enjoy things together, admiration for the virtues of other, common goals. Always leave a space of time for both every day.

Communication includes verbal, nonverbal, sex, love and spiritual communication. Praising each other, to thank and acknowledge the divinity of each one (all good, everything of value).

That's it, five steps that will guide you to have a relationship oriented towards a successful marriage.