Monday, August 29, 2011

Which comes first sex or friendship of the couple?

Neither is more important elements in the life of a couple, however, young people mainly seem to start their relationships differently. They run on sexuality with a man or a woman, and then want to consolidate a couple. Sometimes that sexuality comes after a night out, with someone they met at the club at the party, perhaps after a few drinks.

They feel a bitter disappointment when, after that night of torrid romance, no more morning I saw you, I do not remember and did not know you. How to build a relationship, barely known, sometimes not know the full name also is attracted at the time of blowout. That is, bet a night of pleasure for a probable relationship. Men and women are living in a situation where you crave a couple, but give the first challenge to the desire, attraction. The next day, is the stark moral, and certainly in that style, a relationship, it is difficult to achieve.

Relationships and moments are directed to pleasure, to the party, rave. Actually, one thing to have sex and pleasure, and quite another to experience sexuality and friendship with a partner. Where sexuality is part of the loving bond, the bond of friendship and a project partner, whether it comes to marriage, living together or not. You want a partner, but only seek or feel that I want when I want to have sex, say the girls in the offices of specialists.

Not because no child take me as something more durable, replicate, and also cry and hurt of not being able to establish lasting relationships. How to establish a lasting relationship, trust in the attraction, the talk in the process of knowledge, if the first change, I earn the win and says only what that link is the sexual and carnal? The relationship with your partner, always have a cycle that is true whether we like it or not. The first phase of this cycle is the seduction.

A courtship that is focused on physical attraction, in the way of being the person who seduces and also in the sexual games that become apparent at this time. It seems that young people and some adults too, want to find a mate, but the first thing they do is skip a crucial step, seduction and knowledge of others in other areas, other areas, the cafe in the school, at play and so on.

But no, they want a partner, but favor the party. Certainly do not want to demonize such meetings, each person is responsible for their own actions and choices. But you may want to seek a mate, and suddenly, establish intimacy with strangers, the next day, did not know, neither the name nor the phone, and of course, perhaps, meet again maybe not. I really do want and are looking for a pair of truth, with all that implies, think well, how are you doing to find her, and when you do find it to woo, seduce and preserve it. Otherwise, you can not, redefine your election forms and will be in a position of great pain, suffering and boredom.