Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The couple and the fear of intimacy

In a certain sense of privacy is the most precious of the couple. In this intimate all kinds of events arise joyful and malicious. Intimacy leads to fusion, to give us another, to respect their ease and to live with our fragility and strength. When there is fear of intimacy in the couple or one of them.

These spaces become turbid with loneliness, depression, sadness, lack of motivation, long silences, hurtful attitudes, insults and humiliations. Clearly, a couple wishes spaces of intimacy because they built the complicity of a couple. But my only intimate partner criticizes me, irritates me or I violently assaulted me, then surely I am living with someone who is afraid to live to privacy, for whatever reason. This fear of intimacy takes many forms and ways.

Usually alone with my partner, I have nothing to say, we have to talk about, we find points of coincidence or maybe, just fight again and again and discuss the same issues on a recurring basis, all with such, to avoid being left alone ourselves in a life of two. Likewise the rejection of sexuality is another way of avoiding intimacy. The lack of desire, desire, infidelity, outings with friends to talk, television as an important part of the inner box, now, computer and Internet activities that distract us from the other is in front of us, somehow these situations prevent us from being with the couple in an intimate life.

Countless couples complain that their great love and not feel like anything. Perhaps the indifference knocked on the door, or maybe there is a great fear of what will prove to be what is the life partner. Intimacy is a scary place that many are afraid of becoming dependent on their partners, you can not do without his love and his presence, and then keep an emotional distance so that she or he does not become necessary in their lives.

On the other hand, is the shadow of the family past, in that story was privacy, and we need to remember what it was that life and what was the impact on our personality. The privacy of each family in the privacy impact of the current partner. Some people have a vagaje closeness, physical contact, aggression, withdrawal and others, some more love and violence, dependency, insecurity or, a safe space where it can be shown openly.

We do have a fear of intimacy or if your partner is away for fear, perhaps, need to consult a specialist to review their relationship. Today, it is possible to reorient married life, to be more satisfactory to both.