Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to conquer win a woman if I'm Ugly

Many men are asking the question how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly? The reality is not so easy to answer this question without making a detailed analysis.

Those who question how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly? this article provides an answer that so far no one had dared to say.

The roots that led to you to ask you the question as to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?

From our childhood our parents and siblings expressed opinions about us without thinking, such as "you're not good at sports", "look how ugly child," "you're no good for nothing." And we started to believe them as true as we grow, although they were a Reverend lie. Because if you think you're stupid, it's because someone programmed mentally as well, but in reality you're a genius for mathematics or literature. But suddenly grown and began to like women and maybe now you're wondering how to conquer a woman if I'm ugly?

See for yourself with those who wonder how to conquer a woman if I'm ugly?

Here are most common questions they ask many men: "All the women say I'm ugly, help" here is "reinforcing" the belief instilled in him since childhood, but there's more: "I think I'm ugly and that's why I've never had Bride, "" I am ugly, shy love I Ever Have "," Can you link to be ugly and shy? "," What can I do if I am to flirt chavas ugly and poor? "," Am I ugly girlfriend as you do? ", and here those who want to do something:" I am extremely UGLY what I can do? "," I'm so ugly I can do help me, "" How to know whether or not I am ugly? " but the question most often repeated is: "how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?".

Encompassing all the questions in one: how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?

Most "experts" seduction usually say that "looks do not matter." The ugliest guys, they say, can attract and seduce women even more beautiful. Nothing is more false ... Surprised? You thought that I was gonna say the same? Well no, because even convince you that "looks do not matter", when you want to link a girl and a boy is just as fun as you, but more attractive, usually going to prefer it. This is by natural law, because the same goes for the most healthy and strong. They select them to procreate healthy children.

The solution for those who wonder how to conquer a woman if I'm ugly?

Is the Solomonic solution could be that walk with ugly ugly? Bah, that's another lie, since even the ugly and the ugly people prefer attractive. Or ask God in prayer classic "Lord take away the poor, the ugly money off me." The real solution lies on two pillars, that if you work only in them, you will attract a lot of girls:

1 .- UNDERSTAND THE THINKING OF WOMEN. It's a real secret that few know, for the great mistake of man is to believe that they think like us, the good thing is that they are programmed to follow the thoughts, emotions and feelings manly, which happily for us, works the same way for ALL! They can not help it. That is why so many women fall for the same boy. This is because are governed by the emotional brain.

2 .- Drastically improve your Appearance. Few men of those who wonder "how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?" Really can not improve their appearance, but the 99.9% can achieve a substantial change, and do not necessarily have to resort to cosmetic surgery. Only require simple resources - perfect your smile, maintain a beautiful skin, wear appropriate clothing, choose a suitable hairstyle, have impeccable hygiene - which together make all the difference.

Now go to the mirror and think you can change your appearance. And to complete the first part of your answer to your question of how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?, I recommend you study tested methods that work. Hope that answered your question how to seduce a woman if I'm ugly?