Monday, October 31, 2011

Discover the most common mistakes when recovering a love

To get your love , first, you must decide whether it is worthwhile to save the relationship, however painful it is, there is not much you can do. Let us agree that the most important are the feelings every couple if both are willing, then go ahead and do not desanimes.Las reasons why couples can enter multiple crisis: routine, work, years, living together The arrival of children, the stress, but the most important and most common is the "lack of dialogue." If we assume that dialogue is the essential tool in all human relationships, even more so the couple, whether we live or not.

When two people fail to communicate, that is, we tell the other that we passed, you begin to install a barrier especiede eventually becoming more infranqueable.Se could play the lack of dialogue as a sign of disinterest by the other? You could say that is not always true, many times the preson has serious problems when it comes to expressing their feelings, but does not mean they do not exist, think you might have other more subtle ways of saying " I love you ".

When attempting to retrieve a love, it is important to focus on problems and not the symptoms, most of laspersonas believe the symptoms of a problem are the problem itself. If in your case the lack of dialogue because your partner has so decided, whether to take time to think, or because they felt damaged in some way, then, is very important to respetes. The worst mistake can make is that your partner feels down, respect their time, although it is difficult for you.

Get out of your mind that you are the "master of the truth." Facing the same situation, two people can have a reading diferentede things, and well, something we are individuals and that entitles us to think differently.

Avoid pride. If you can assume that you were wrong, then said to him. If you can not express it in words, a good idea to write a letter. On many occasions we find it easier to express by writing; takes a moment of solitude, especially at night and indulge yourself in what you feel. Think that words with the wind, however, the letter can be read many times and reach the depths of being.

Note that the process of getting your love can be slow and painful. Do not get discouraged, go ahead, give priority to the feelings, respect if you want to be respected.

Do not drop your arms, you must fight for what you want. "Fracazo There is no worse that what we do not try"