Monday, October 31, 2011

How to Regain a Wife's Secret

How to win back a wife is the first expression that came to mind after my separation, and I'm sure you too are asking the same question. In this article I will share my personal experience and the way they went out of this situation.

The first thing I advise you do not seek it. I'm sure work will cost, but believe me, if you seek by any means the only thing you gain is further from you, and forever. When I say that not mean that I seek not call, do not send emails or text messages or smoke signals, nothing. Why, you're wondering? For that she needs time. Women are different from men. In short, desapar├ęcete for a while but be alert. Complicated, right?

How to Quickly Regaining a wife

Okay, so the secret is not to seek by any means but he has to hear from you. Let me explain. She has to know you're doing other things that will result in you to win points with her. For example, enroll in a gym to make your muscles, start a diet program to lose those kilos you have more, began dance lessons, language, postgraduate, meditation (this is going to do very well, etc.). In short, try to distract you doing productive things. Your wife will love that you take care of yourself. This is the beginning of real change. How do you win her back if she does not feel that you are changing?

The idea is that you must be busy taking care of you first, let me ask you a question Do you love enough? If your answer is yes, then let go a while before you get it and you're done. However, if you love enough you would not be in this situation. Sorry to be a little rough, but I wondered the same thing when I went through this experience. And it was until I was very honest with myself, I realized I did not love me at all.

Look, we can not give love, understanding, time, etc.. if you do not love, if you stop being so hard on yourself if you have no time for you, and so on. Some people call this stage "to be selfish for your own good." I guarantee that if you take care of you first, your wife will notice this change as something very positive and although lacking many things to do, this is an excellent start in their reconciliation.

Knowing and regain a wife is not a difficult task, but requires patience and much effort on your part as it is to regain in the background is not nothing but confidence.