Monday, May 14, 2012

Bipolar Disorder and Family Life

Today, everybody talks about Bipolar Disorder, a condition in changing mood, emotions and decisions. Of course, that has become commonplace to believe that the couple is bipolar, when you have conflicting behaviors.

Reality is that Bipolar Disorder is a condition and a complex behavior, in addition, psychiatric, requiring intervention in various areas of life. But dodgy around, joking and ignorance, everyone believed to be living with a bipolar person.

On every side is heard, "is that it is bipolar, is that I'm bipolar," and thus in the end, what they want is to justify a series of violent behavior or abuse impregnated and frustration.

By the time someone comes to my office and asks me who your partner is Bipolar, I always ask: What kind of bipolarity you mean?, People do not hit the mark to decipher since they speak to say, to justify and not address their real conflicts with the couple.

Unfortunately, the bipolarity, has become the dustbin of apology: It is Bipolar, I think it's bipolar, I think it's bipolar. I think I'm bipolar. Everyone tells me I'm Bipolar.

That is, there is an abuse of the term based on ignorance and lack of care documented. Really Bipolar Disorder is a complex condition that involves more than a change of attitudes or changes in mood.

There are transformations in the habits, behaviors, thoughts and how it impacts on the environment the condition. Living with a person who really suffers from bipolar disorder is a painful experience, worrying, that time does not allow any doubt to the judgment, criticism and indifference.

The bipolarity of course affecting married life, being with a person who suddenly want to do anything and everything and at another stage, not do anything, it becomes silent and does not bathe in ten days, a situation that impact force married life, but not only that, but the social life, work, relationships with children, and labor. We need to rethink what we mean by a Bipolar Disorder, otherwise, we will make judgments about our partner or ourselves.

Bipolarity, there is a problem that can be controlled, not removed, will not heal and learn to live with him and his treatment.

All persons who pursue a Trastono Bipolar, requires professional intervention, if you or your partner suffer from this disorder and have this kind of problem, it would be requested advice from a professional.