Friday, June 8, 2012

Online Dating and Social Networking, how to seduce and attract women on these sites?

The Internet has made life easier in the last 20 years, find a partner or a relationship from the Internet is something as mundane as connect to the Messenger or Facebook.

Checking a Web site online dating or social networking is not an impossible task, but maybe it's the only easy on these sites. Many of those registered are seeking a relationship or a partner, and these sites give you little or no information to put in your user profile to find the partner or the relationship you want.

This is to start with the left foot, if you've already tried, you may have noticed that very few people that are successful, not because these sites do not work, but because people who register do not have the information necessary for their User profiles and information is the most striking and attractive and this is ensured failure in finding a partner or a relationship.

An average user of a web site online dating spends on average 30 to $ 60 per month in membership, this is a very high cost to exit these sites after several months of pay and finding nothing or worse than nobody is interested in you.

It's not because you are not attractive enough or attractive, it has nothing to do, the real reason for the failure of 95% of people who enter these sites has nothing to do with their appearance, the real reason is ...

But first let me tell you something. Did you know that nearly 48% of people registering on online dating sites and social networks are women and the remaining 52% are male? and what those people who make a couple or a relationship spend half the time in knowing better than if they had done in the traditional way, that is offline? Do you see the great potential to meet, seduce and attract women? ... And men too!

So if both the volume of people who subscribe to these sites, why only a handful of them come to a relationship?

Many say that these sites are scams that only the gullible are those who subscribe to these sites to cheat left and get the money easily.

That's simplistic and pessimistic response from someone who tried and failed, but did not know that person who failed in their search for a relationship or a partner, it was not the fault of the site itself, blame the user not know what to do, how to do and when to do to become a user striking and attractive to others registered on the site


Why only a few succeed in finding a partner or a relationship?

The answer is: they do know to do in these places, so much so that they become like honey to attract flies and dozens and even hundreds of eyes to their user profiles.

¿Cheap tricks or deception? ... None of that ... It's just knowing how to apply the secrets of seduction and attraction by means of written language.