Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to attract and keep a woman interested in you

Have you ever met a girl that really, really like? How those in which you could spend hours and hours thinking about it?.

Well, here's a very interesting email I just received from a follower.

"Hi Buck, I have a question for you."

For starters I am a boy of 24 who has just met a woman of 21 who I think is just incredible. We spent nearly a week together or just talking on the phone. I work during the week and she works in the evenings and has classes at night. But it seems that this last week after a perfect week she really does not seem to need to call a lot, or even try to get me. It's been a time when I tried to really have a solid relationship, although I had a lot of outputs of 2 to 3. And I think you could d o say that I have had a high level of outputs with girls. I totally agree and I found your blog and your articles very useful, although I would like to know what is step 2 ... The move to attract a woman and hook. If there are any tips on how to keep her interested in me or wanting more, I could really use the help I Brindes. I feel very lost, and I

I really hope this girl away from me. Please help me!


Ok, so let's resolve this issue:

I'll start by asking you a question: How does a person get something they really want?


a) Give them something that fence beyond what they want and hypnotize with that? O;

b) Ask that they want to become a CHALLENGE?

No doubt you've ever heard a woman say "I like a man who is a CHALLENGE."

When a woman says this she is saying "Hey, that's how I stay interested in you."

However, a guy usually ignores the tracks, something like: "But it is different from all the other girls" and move to spoil the challenge to do things like:

1) Bombard with phone calls.

2) Make phone calls that last for hours until you get tired of talking and finish boring to talk to you.

3) Expressing your feelings at the beginning of the relationship.

4) Being too available.

5) Be overly nice.

6) To behave as if you had earned their trust.

7) To be sticky and needy.

That is not good.

So instead of talking to her on the phone every day for a week, here is an alternative approach that could have taken:

Talking to it once or twice a week.

Have fun on the phone and say, "I've had a great time with you ... Well, talk later. I have to go back to _______ "or" I've had a great time with you ... nice. I have to get ready to go I'm meeting _______ with ________ to take a (coffee / tea, drinks, etc..). "

Organize a meeting instead of just talking on the phone for hours, as you normally would with one of your friends that "Hey, I have to leave ... but you think if we are to have a coffee this week ... I'll be busy on Tuesday and Wednesday night, but we can see on Monday at 8 pm or Thursday at 7:30 PM.
Do you? "

To quote your e-mail saying: "I feel very lost, and I really hope this girl away from me"

So you can be thinking "Is there still hope to turn things around and regain her interest in me?"

Well, I only know what you've told me in your e-mail so far, so I'll assume that you have not ruined the whole situation and I will give you some extra tips just in case:

1) is a limited supply, so she will have the opportunity to miss.

Think about it ...

Drinking water is wasted in developed countries, however, is a treasure in third world countries where there is a limited supply.


Because people in developed countries can take it for granted. It flows so easily that you do not need to think about how to get water.

The opposite is true for those living in third world countries. Water does not flow as easily, so when I gain access to this limited resource How do you feel?


Trust me when I say "We're doing a favor giving you the chance to miss you"

Do not make the mistake of being a breeze.

2) Give the chance that she has a relationship with you rather than you try to have a relationship with IT.

a) Give the possibility that things move forward.

When it's time to talk about "being together", let her initiate the topic. Once you've done that, then you can move the conversation forward on the issue.

But let it start.

b) Make friends with more women and make sure she knows.

Do not say something like, "I have other girls who are interested in me, so it's best you claim the prize soon!"

! That would be stupid.

But imagine what would happen if you you talk to other women and have the opportunity to say something like: "... I was talking to my friend Sara the other day ... and she told me _______ "or" My friend ________ return of an old ... was interesting to catch up again ... we went for coffee the other day ... "

You bet I'd be thinking "So you like Sarah? ... And now that her friend is back, will he give up on me? ... Better go out with him soon and show my interest. "

3) jokes with her when you call and want to see you (even if you only calls once a week).

For example: The next time you phone call, jokingly say something like "You again? :) Gee ... I can not really deal with another stalker. I'm gonna do you now? "

So there you have it, some useful ideas to keep a woman's interest and attraction in you.

Now, go find some women!