Thursday, July 26, 2012

Want to woo a woman?

Ever thought this: "I do not understand! ... I have a good car. I'm done. always follow the fashion look of the boy. I even seen Armani Why not turn around to me and why I am always alone ? "

How many times have you found persistently making you this question? The street is full of unrequited romance, you think you're the only one with your loneliness, think again. The fact of agonizing and start whining is normal, but do not despair. Before losing control, you can take a deep breath and be sure that everything can change in your favor and you really can achieve win the woman you want.

Here I give you 5 key strategies to become the man irresistible desire to be for women:

1.  Dressed to Kill

Dress to kill all the time. No, do not use clothes that say $ 5000 or a Rolex to walk the dog. What I mean is that you dress decently each time you go out. If you want to seduce a woman, use a good perfume and stay clean-shaven.

Dude, women are everywhere. If you dress to fashion only in the bar or for an appointment, you are missing 95% of eligible women. Keep in mind that some of the best relationships are initiated during chance encounters, in the bus stop at the supermarket, a sports field, at an airport, etc.., You see why you should be prepared?

2. Mastering the art of looking

By exploring new relationships have to find your attraction, a great idea is to intensify the eye contact. Locking deep in his eyes. Let the world disappear, even a troop of supermodels. Seduce a woman will achieve naturally, if you can sustain eye contact. Their excitement will increase with the attraction to be increasing. Anthropologists have a term for this technique, the copulatory gaze . Dr. Hess, said that even turn your eyes even sexier. He came to the conclusion that the pupils are much more attractive to women.

How is that they dilate and hypnotized a woman? Just look at him the most attractive parts of his face and filled his mind with loving thoughts carefully. Your pupils naturally grow, eye dotándote irresistible.

3. Pats Visual

You can use your eyes to love a woman, face a trip, as the Messenger, when you see a photo. Look at your nose runs and stop those tabs on the lips. Be dazzled in their facial features as if you were admiring the Mona Lisa. She will be delighted with such attention!

4. Easter eggs

You are nothing to say? Listen carefully, do not think Easter eggs while she talks to you. If the words or phrases he utters are unusual, ask or invite her to explain about it. Say for example "What is the story behind that?" or "How do you feel about that?". If you want to conquer it, these are the phrases that they most long for. Women love to be investigated for their opinions and feelings. They love to show their emotions with sensitive open questions.

5. Stay always full of adrenaline

Men talk facts: stock figures, bill payments, and engine specifications , numbers , etc ..., and time are issues that can be very boring. Women are different. They delight in talking about feelings and emotions , things like the new dress she's wearing, how they expect them to a special meal, details on the purchases they make, ect. If you really try to woo your girl, take this address and remove the above facts out of the conversation. Choose songs with an emotional charge and ask how all this relates to them. I assure you that you will become your new confident and you're on your way to seduce her.

I know what you're thinking. All this is common sense! That's true, but also ask yourself this: how many men actually implement all this? ... Be honest. Go out and be the man that women want.

Just use your common sense!