Friday, September 28, 2012

7 great places to meet women

A very wrong opinion with many men, is that the best place to meet and pick up women are bars or nightclubs and after reading this article you will understand why.

Particularly wonder so many women are divine and intelligent out there wishing that you meet a nice man to invite them to come out and while many men hoping to find a nice girl and striking at which invite. Is this not it eerily ironic?

The easy thing is, if women want to know more, you should look to spend more time in places where women spend more time, I assume that you agree that this is simply logical?
So, what are the correct places to look?

Surely many of these sites you frequent, but did not think about the opportunities to meet and pick up women there.

1. The places frequented your friends and family:
I suppose you have many friends and if you are single, you must be some time with them, therefore p├ęgateles everywhere, this is an excellent opportunity to "meet special women", and with a great chance of compatibility, as will the friends of your friends or family.

2. In their work:
If you are one of those men consumed by work and why not have many friends, and have some time to meet women, then the best place to find a woman, is the workplace and to analyze in which women There are free and if necessary make a list, sure to find one so busy and committed to their work as you (lol).

3. In shopping centers:
It is no secret that women love shopping leave. For this reason the mall is full of mostly women, mostly in clothing stores, shoes and jewelry for women.
It is therefore logical to assume that it is a wonderful place to meet women, and in this environment they feel liberated and their resistance is low.

4. In the art galleries and museums:
These are places where you probably more educated women, but they are usually very passionate.
I guess what you must be thinking ... If I know iota of art I do? Just act safely and interest and try to find something that captivates you about the exhibit. Even should approach a woman and ask him about a play, so you're starting a dialogue on a subject that she likes (if you understand the topic and does not hunt like you ... lol).

5. In the Library:
This is another great place to pick up women fascinating, and the best thing is that a lot of men do not know, this is because society has sold us the false belief that beautiful women are not interested in these places and you impress discover the amazing women who manage to conquer in libraries.
In addition, there are unsuspecting, which will facilitate the work of seduction and conquest.

6. At the University:
Another great place to "pick up women". In universities there is often plenty of women everywhere. It is the great place to meet intelligent young woman like your dreams, so you will have to deal with an extensive repertoire.
And I'll tell you a secret? Best of all is that competition in these places do not usually have much skill on how to seduce a woman, so ravage those experienced with the most beautiful girls and can afford to choose.

7. On the Web:
If you do not like hanging out with friends and want to spend your time alone, at home, in front of your computer, you can find a partner online. It is a convenient way to "meet women" and maintain control until you know better the woman and ask her out in person.

This is an increasingly preferred way to "pick up women" but you have to practice because there are many factors to consider to succeed.

If you have not yet deducted ... I will answer the question of why the clubs and bars are not the most suitable place to meet and conquer a woman?

I learned this in one of the books is mainly due to two reasons, namely:

1. The women on these sites are more defensive, because they know that men are on the lookout for a woman with whom to have sex, and although they are also therefore, framed by beliefs society make you feel that if it is accepted converted into a roving.

2. The competition is higher and more experienced in the art of seduction.
Well, I leave you with my special wishes you achieve woo the woman of your dreams.