Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Five tips to become a man attractive to women

Some years ago, a good friend came to me saying:

Dude, do not discover what happens to the girls!,

"I have a good job, I have a car, I saw fashion, in fact I have only recently decided to buy designer clothes. So I do not understand, why I fail to seduce women and why not get a girlfriend?"  

My answer was: Stop please!

Or quant? Long have you been wondering the same thing?

Do you think you're the only one with this concern?, Think again, the world is full of couples who are in love, but there are enough men alone and less of what you have. So do not worry, that's enough with what you live every day to go into a state of despair.

So do not panic! Better try the following tips to share about "how to get a girl" and then tell me how it goes:  

1) always dresses well (note the accessories):
It's not about buying dresses $ 5,000, or a spectacular Rolex and leave him to walk the cat. It is you're dressed decently whenever you go out, wear a fragrance, stay properly shaved, sure you understand the point. He thinks girls are everywhere and many of the relationships that arise during chance encounters in a supermarket, in the bus, on the subway, in a park, etc..

The key then is to be prepared! Because if you dress well only when you go to the disco or an appointment, you will be wasting 95% chance to "pick up women".

2) Use the technique of deep eye contact:
As you approach a woman, the first thing to do is make eye contact deep, blocking your view, so the rest of the world ceases to exist at that time, even if your around a group of beautiful models, you only the need to see her.  

This will achieve love that woman naturally, just keep your eyes and your emotion and attraction ever wider. Anthropologists call this technique, the copulatory gaze. Many of them even say that the continued use of this technique makes your eyes more sexy and other research suggests that pupils are more attractive to women.

But how does it dilate the pupils to enchant women?

Just seen the most attractive parts of the girl's face and cram your mind with loving thoughts. Your pupils will dilate naturally, giving you irresistible eyes.  

3) Provide them visual touch:
This point means you use your eyes for a tour facial, and on the web, when you see a photo. Watch their eyes, nose, eyelashes and pays special attention to the lips. Fascinate in their facial qualities like you're admiring the Mona Lisa. She was so fascinated with special care!  

4) Listen to it with dedicated attention:
It's no secret (though some think it was) that women love to talk and be heard, so we have to put that in your favor.

Listen to it carefully, do not think "in football" as she speaks. If what she says is rare or do not understand, ask questions about it or solicĂ­tale you clarify more on the subject, for example using questions such as "What is the message behind that?" or "How do you feel about that?", believe me these are questions they expect from you.

You must understand that women love to be questioned about their opinions, tastes and desires. They love to express their emotions and sensibilities and therefore you do want them open questions.

5) Do not be boring to talk:
Unlike women, men like to talk about sales figures, bill payments, car features, soccer, etc., These are issues that are very boring for them, so you should be clear that in subject women are different.  

They are inclined to issues involving FEELINGS.

Things like clothing that is fashionable, the fact that hopefully on a date, love the distance, or as purchases camouflage their deepest problems. Take then these issues in his talks and I assure you that you will become the man I want to be.

That's it!

I guess what you're thinking. All this is common sense! And you're right, but ask yourself this: how many men do you think actually implement this to conquer a woman? Answer honestly!

So go and transform into the man that girls expect. Just use your common sense!